Houston Man Says ‘Nightmare’ Tinder Date Accused Him Of Rape, Blackmailed Him For $10,000

A Houston man claims his life has been derailed by a woman he met on Tinder, who went on to accuse her date of raping her prior to demanding to be paid for her silence on the man’s “crime.”

The New York Post reports that Joseph Lazarus has now taken the jilted Jane Doe to court on charges of blackmail and libel, on grounds that the woman allegedly went out of her way to make Lazarus’ everyday life as hellish as possible.

“I feel terrible,” Lazarus said of his former Tinder date to the Houston Chronicle, who he’s now suing for $200,000, adding, “I feel like I’m living in a nightmare I can’t escape.”

Joseph told the Chronicle that after being “matched” with the woman’s Tinder profile on the dating app in 2014, the two began a relationship that lasted for several months.

At some point, Lazarus chose to call it quits with his Tinder match, but the woman wasn’t ready to let him go so easily.

“[Joseph says] she wanted to stay friends,” the Post explains further, “but, he did not.”

That refusal, according to Chronicle writers, was where Lazarus’ former Tinder flame turned up the heat and began harassing her ex on the daily.


In text messages from the woman shared by Joseph with the media, the Tinder user turns on Lazarus and eventually threatens to falsely report him to local officials on trumped-up rape charges.

“You’re revolting,” one such message from the woman, as a screen grab provided by Lazarus to the Harris County Court, and shared by the Post, reads.

“[You’re] like a blemish on my otherwise perfect skin.”

The full-text message can be read below.


In another, the woman orders Lazarus to pay $10,000 for her to “stop” bothering him; a message that, as he soon found out, was not an idle threat.

houston tinder date
A Houston Tinder user will have his date in court with the woman he claimed harassed and blackmailed him for $10,000. [Image by kirstyokeeffe/iStock]

“In fall 2016, Lazarus was fired from his job after his boss saw posts on gossip site [The Dirty] that said he ‘would have sex/rape fat chicks just to amuse his friends,'” that apparently came from the Tinder date, the Post adds.

“She also reportedly contacted friends of his claiming that Lazarus bought her [sex toys] instead of flowers and that he was a ‘rapist, liar, cheater.'”

“I don’t know what she’s talking about,” Lazarus responded to the claim to the Chronicle, “[and] I certainly didn’t mail her any sex toys.”

The Houston man’s lawyer says that Lazarus just wanted to be “left alone” by his bad date. Calls made to the woman to get her side of the story went unanswered, according to the Chronicle.

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