Eric Bolling: Lady Professor Speaks Up & Reveals Explosive Harassment Details After Fox News Suspended Host

Eric Bolling has been suspended for sexual harassment allegations. Fox News announced his suspension after news that he sent lewd photos to female colleagues emerged.

A Fox News spokesman stated that the host is barred from working until the inquiry is over.

“Eric Bolling has been suspended pending the results of an investigation, which is currently underway,” he said.

Now, just a few hours after the network issued the suspension to Bolling, a woman came forward to accuse him of sexual harassment. Caroline Heldman, who was a frequent guest on the network between 2008 and 2011, revealed that she was one of the three Fox News employees who was mentioned to be victims in the reports.

According to, Heldman is a professor at Occidental College and she teaches politics. She claimed that Eric Bolling made a number of unsolicited sexual advances to her when she was still appearing as a guest on his program.

In a lengthy post on her Facebook page, the professor detailed how the Fox News host harassed her. She opened her expose by saying that she was surprised that it took so long for people to finally speak up about Bolling’s behavior that has been “wildly inappropriate for years.”

Moreover, Heldman wrote that her multiple inapt experiences with Eric Bolling made her family and friends very concerned for her. She disclosed that the host even referred to her as “Dr. McHottie” on four of her live guest appearances on Fox News. The prof said that this on-air behavior was actually “perfectly acceptable to Fox executives at the time.”

In any case, Caroline Heldman said that Bolling once asked her to fly with him to New York for in-studio hits and to have “fun.” Based on her account, Bolling also asked her out for meals on several occasions, but she managed to refuse every time.

“Once, he took me up to his office in New York, showed me his baseball jerseys, and in the brief time I was there, let me know that his office was his favorite place to have sex.”

However, a source from Fox News seems to debunk this claim by noting that Bolling’s office is made up of glass. Thus, with its unobstructed view, everyone can see what is going on inside.

The politics lecturer also shockingly exposed the fact that two former Fox News executives, host Bill O’Reilly and consultant Woody Fraser, have subjected her to sexual harassment as well.

In the same Facebook post, Heldman called out the attention of investigators and Fox News officials. She asked them to include the makeup artists in their probe because “They see and hear a lot, and are sometimes the target of harassment from hosts and guests.”

She said that these contract workers are afraid to speak up because there is high chance that they will not be hired again.

Meanwhile, American political journalist Michelle Field denied that she was one of the harassed women in the Bolling sexting scandal. She said that the report which associated her name to the issue was a lie.

Eric Bolling is currently co-hosting The Specialists on Fox and since he is unable to work, his post would be filled in by a rotating group of hosts.

A Fox News spokesperson reached out to Inquisitr with a statement.

“We are investigating this matter and all claims will be taken into account.”

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