Duggar Family Shares Girls’ Day Out Photo For Jennifer’s Bday, Fans Notice Lack Of Solo Pics

The Duggar family recently uploaded yet another picture from Jennifer’s 10th birthday celebration. This time around, the iconic reality TV family shared an image of a rare Duggar Girls’ day out, with the young girls going to Lokomotion Family Fun Park for some good, wholesome fun.

The recently shared photo from Jenni’s birthday featured the Duggar girls posing in front of Lokomotion’s entrance. Interestingly, the older Duggar girls such as Jessa and Jill are nowhere to be found. It seems like this time around, the married Duggar ladies were not able to make it home to celebrate their younger sibling’s 10th birthday.

Many of the family’s social media followers, commenting on the Facebook photo, have noted that the younger Duggar girls have grown so much over the past years. Some have even pointed out that Johanna, the 16th child of Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar, was the tallest one in the recently uploaded picture. This, of course, has caused many fans to get quite nostalgic about the time the Duggars have been living in front of the public.

“These kids have all changed and grown so much love seeing them all,” one commenter wrote.

“Crazy all the big girls are gone!!!” wrote another.

Although Jennifer’s birthday pics appear to show that the 17th child of Jim Bob and Michelle had a lot of fun on her birthday, some of the family’s avid followers and Counting On fans have noted that Jenni seems to be growing up as just another face in the crowd. In the Counting On subreddit, for one, many users have noticed that Jennifer’s birthday announcement in the family’s social media accounts almost featured no solo picture of the birthday celebrant.

In Facebook alone, Jennifer’s birthday greeting featured four photos, three of which were taken with her siblings. Only one photo featured Jennifer by herself, and it was just a candid shot in a bowling alley. There was no birthday video that was posted about the 10-year-old, either.

Apart from this, fans noted that were no shots of the birthday celebrant enjoying a Chocolate Mess at MarketPlace Grill. Considering that the dessert is a traditional Duggar birthday treat, the absence of Jennifer’s picture with the sweet dessert has been noticeable. Interestingly, the family even made it a point to feature the dessert when Austin, Joy-Anna’s then-boyfriend, was treated by Jim Bob and Michelle for his birthday last year.

This has caused a number of the family’s social media followers to remark that the lack of Jennifer’s solo pictures all but prove that Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar cannot really raise all of their children equally. In a lot of ways, these sentiments do have some bearing, considering that the older Duggar children, including James, who turned 16 recently, seemed to have enjoyed more exclusive time with their parents when they were growing up.

If any, Jennifer looks pretty happy during her birthday celebration. Many Duggar fans have even noted that the 10-year-old is starting to look a lot like Jana, who is arguably the most beautiful among the older Duggar daughters.

The Duggar family is featured in the 19 Kids and Counting spinoff series Counting On, which is set to return on TLC this coming September.

[Featured Image by Duggar Family/Facebook]