‘Will & Grace’ Revival Spoilers: Will’s Love Life Will Be Very Different

Will & Grace fans are counting down the days until the revival begins airing on NBC, and some spoilers are finally starting to be revealed about the return of the fan favorite show.

According to Us Weekly magazine, the Will & Grace revival will feature a big change for Will Truman. In the upcoming season, which will be the show’s ninth, Will’s love life will be booming. Actor Eric McCormack, who plays Will on the show, reveals that his character has a new found confidence when it comes to dating in the present day. Eric promises that fans will see Will dating, and that it will be very “interesting.”

The actor goes on to reveal that Will will be even more comfortable than the always energetic Jack when it comes to dating as a middle-aged gay man. Jack is said to be a bit confused about the aging process and his love life, while Will will have finally hit his stride.

As many Will & Grace fans know, the original series ended with Will welcoming a son with his partner Vincent (Bobby Cannavale). However, in the revival, the happenings of the former series finale will be ignored and thought to be a sort of what could have been a moment with the characters. In the revival, Will and Grace will be together in their apartment with Jack and Karen popping in and out in a manner of hilarious ways.

The Will & Grace revival came to fruition after the cast reunited to film a short and funny video pertaining to the 2016 Presidential election. Fans loved the video so much that they begged for a revival, and the cast and crew listened. Soon after, it was confirmed that the series would be one of the latest former favorites to return to the airwaves along with shows such as Roseanne, Twin Peaks, and Fuller House.

The revival seemingly went well, because NBC has already renewed Will & Grace for another season. This means that the show will be back in the lineup for next year’s fall schedule as well, and fans are beyond excited about the return of Will, Grace, Jack, and Karen.

What are your thoughts on the latest Will & Grace revival spoilers?

[Featured Image by Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images]