WWE Rumors: Paige And Alberto El Patron Hint At Wrestling Return

Former WWE women’s champion Paige has not wrestled since July 2016 and her fiance Alberto El Patron has been suspended since a domestic incident in an Orlando airport last month. However, both of the wrestlers have hinted that they will be returning to the ring shortly.

Paige and Alberto El Patron appeared on Busted Open, a radio show on SiriusXM that is hosted by 23-time world tag team champion Bubba Ray Dudley. The couple talked about the Orlando airport incident as well as when fans might expect to see them back in the wrestling ring again.

Paige and Alberto talk airport incident

When it comes to the airport incident, in which Paige is still a suspect as the aggressor in the domestic abuse allegations, the former WWE women’s champion says they are laughing about it now, but it was a nightmare due to the media publicity it received. Patron agreed and said that the two of them will fight for 20 minutes and say they are finished, but then three minutes later everything is fine.

According to Alberto El Patron, it is because they are both “passionate people” who argue like any other couple. However, Patron then blamed the Internet, saying that lies spread over the Internet and people believe the lies when they spread so fast. According to Alberto, the only difference between him and Paige and other couples are that they are celebrities in the public eye.

Alberto El Patron GFW Impact Wrestling return

The entire incident caused GFW Impact Wrestling to suspend Alberto El Patron, who is their current world champion. In the Busted Open interview, Alberto said that GFW was investigating because they want to do things differently than other wrestling companies (WWE), who will just let some things slide.

Despite this, Patron said that “everything is clear” and he will be back working for GFW Impact Wrestling very soon.

WWE Rumors: Paige And Alberto El Patron Hint At Wrestling Return
[Image by WWE]

However, Sportskeeda reported that GFW Impact Wrestling was asked about these Alberto El Patron claims that he is returning soon and they released their own statement.

“Alberto El Patron remains under suspension while GFW continues its internal look at the situation.”

Paige WWE return

As for Paige, she has been out of the WWE since last July. The WWE suspended Paige for failing their wellness policy and then she picked up a second suspension for a second failure before returning to the ring. After that, Paige chose to undergo surgery to fix some neck problems that had caused her intense pain for a long time.

WWE Rumors: Paige And Alberto El Patron Hint At Wrestling Return
[Image by WWE]

In the Busted Open interview, Paige said that she was returning to the WWE soon. She had a CT scan the day of the interview and said she was waiting on the results. However, she seemed optimistic that her return was imminent and said she was excited to come back to compete against newcomers like Bayley, Nia Jax, and Alexa Bliss.

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