Swineapple Craze Takes Over The Internet: Pork Stuffed Pineapple Wrapped In Bacon Recipe

“Swineapple” is taking the internet and BBQ fans all across America by storm. The new dish is comprised of exactly what it sounds like, pineapple and pork. A pineapple is stuffed with pork and then wrapped with bacon and various seasonings.

Tropical fruits have long been a staple on the grill during the summertime, as MSN notes, but not until the swineapple craze have pineapples been regarded as a must-have companion for two different varieties of pork. A plethora of tantalizing images from both amateur and professional chefs grilling their version of swineapple are now filling social media feeds.

The new summer BBQ grilling trend was created by Josh Bush of LaPorte, Texas, according to a Fox News report. Two years ago, Bush posted a photo of his swineapple concoction on the “Smoking Meat Low and Slow” Facebook page.

The Texan dubbed his creation to be a “country-style-rib-stuffed pineapple wrapped in bacon, rack of ribs and bacon-wrapped boneless loin.”

Bush’s swineapple recipe post to Facebook was slow to catch on. Initially, the BBQ recipe garnered only 14 shares and 35 likes. But now, after the post was also shared on Pinterest and Instagram, his swineapple grilling recipe has reached viral status.

During an interview about the swineapple recipe with Boredom Therapy, Bush explained how he created the dish that is now loved by so many. He instructed fans to shave the pineapple but to leave the top and bottom alone and lay the tropical fruit on its side.

Next, the swineapple creator said to remove about an inch inside the pineapple on both sides, but the fruit open halfway down using a long blade knife. The next step is to hollow out the pineapple to the amount desired, based upon personal taste.

The pork that will be used to stuff the pineapple should be coated with a coarse rub or the cook’s favorite spices. Put the cut piece of the pineapple back into place after putting the pork inside, and then dust the outside of the fruit with seasoning as well. Now, wrap the pineapple stuffed with pork with a thick-cut bacon completely on all sides.

Bush said he put his swineapple in a smoker set at 240 degrees. To add extra flavoring to the dish, he sprayed the pineapple and pork dish with apple juice about every 20 to 30 minutes. The spraying reportedly helps to keep the bacon both colorful and moist.

[Featured Image by Elena Shashkina/Shutterstock]