‘The Evil Within 2’ Release Date, Gameplay Features, Update: More Horror, Items, Weapons & Crafting Abilities

With the success of 2014’s The Evil Within, developer Tango Gameworks is anticipating the release of the direct sequel The Evil Within 2. The trailer for the game showed up at E3 2017, and it showed features like more psychological horror, a new range of upgradable weapons, a larger map and weapon-cum-item-crafting abilities. The game is set to release on October 13 for PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4, and fans are enthralled to put themselves in the protagonist Sebastian Castellanos’ nightmares.

Multiple Paths And Items

Unlike the previous game in the series, The Evil Within 2 gameplay, also known by the name Psychobreak 2 for the Japanese version, is said to offer players the freedom to choose their path through the game. The extended map provided in the upcoming game is said to be bigger than the prequel. It allows gamers to explore more and does not force them to follow a particular path.

Furthermore, game director John Johanas explained that the protagonist Sebastian Castellanos will be using a new item known as “The Communicator” that will help gamers in The Evil Within 2 gameplay. According to Johanas, there will be ease in finding items and enemies, completing objectives, and exploring the world with the help of this new item.

As witnessed in The Evil Within 2 trailer, Sebastian explores the area with the communicator that aids him in finding his lost daughter and fighting the nightmarish atrocities of the game. Johanas also mentioned in a recent interview about the benefits of choosing your path, whether in stealth mode or combat mode, in a horror game.

“The gameplay is always about sort of overcoming that horror. We rarely put you in a situation where there’s nothing that you can do about that. It’s always about tackling that with the supplies that you have.The world of The Evil Within 2 is full of possibilities. With some of the larger stages we’ve created, we’re opening Union up to the players’ wishes and unique playstyles. Through the layout of the world, as well as the crafting and customization systems in the game, we’re providing you with the freedom to take on the challenges in front of you however you choose.”

In a recent post on Bethesda’s blog, developers noted of how The Evil Within 2 game offers mobility to the character, with twice the psychological horror. The official game trailer showed a glimpse of customizing abilities of the items and weapons.

Evil Within 2 game trailer
[Image by Bethesda]

Changes To The Upgrade System

A major The Evil Within 2 game feature update noted a change from the prequel. Players used to upgrade the character and his weapons with the help of Green Gel in the previous game. But, in the sequel, players will only use the gel to upgrade Sebastian and not the weapons. For upgrading weapons, they can find gear and weapon parts scattered in the whole map. Developers noted that this updated feature would curb the dilemma of choosing to upgrade the weapon or the character.

Evil Within 2 crossbow
[Image by Bethesda]

New Crafting System

As for crafting features in The Evil Within 2 gameplay, devs noted that the character would have the ability to craft his ammunition instead of finding it in the game world. Overall, the idea is to display the new game feature of exploring the world instead of sticking to one path throughout the game. How gamers will react to this The Evil Within 2 game feature will soon be seen once the game releases.

[Featured Image by Christian Petersen/Getty Images]