Is Jinger Duggar Expecting Baby Dogs From Jeremy Vuolo? Pants, Not Puppies, Become Staple In Married Life

Jinger Duggar, Jeremy Vuolo before getting married 2016

Jinger Duggar got married to Jeremy Vuolo in November 2016. The pattern that has been set by her sister Jill and Jessa is that the Duggar girls get pregnant even before they celebrate their first wedding anniversary. So it may only have been nine months since Jinger and Jeremy became husband and wife, but the fans are eager to know if she is expecting a baby or not.

But it looks like the only thing that she is expecting are puppies from her husband. While the couple, who lives in Texas, has not clearly stated that they got pets, some fans have been deducing from his Instagram feed that there may be new critters in their lives.

Just this past week, Jeremy Vuolo uploaded two photos of very cute dogs. In his typical artsy style, he chose to make them black and white. So it’s hard to tell what their coloring or shade is, but their doe-like eyes and small frame got fans excited.

“So cute,” a fan wrote in the comment section. “Did you guys get a dog?”

Ms. Anonymous.

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He uploaded another picture of a Shih Tzu.

“When did you get a dog??!!” a fan wrote. “He’s gorgeous! Give him a scratch and love from me.”

King Buddy.

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Unlike Jill & Jessa Counting On fans’ beliefs, it looks like these puppies were not adopted by Jeremy. All the pictures uploaded before and after were of his adventures in Philadelphia, PA, which means that they were just some cute critters he passed on his journey. From the pictures, it looks like he and Jinger were paying a visit to his parents, who live in Pennsylvania.

Check out the 23-year-old new bride with her mother-in-law!

Mi amor y mi madre

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This picture did spur on some pregnancy rumors. The fact that Jinger’s shirt looks a little roomy was enough reason for fans to start assuming that she is expecting a baby.

One fan outrightly commented, “Jinger looks pregnant,” while another wrote, “she has the pregnant glow!”

Whether they are trying to have a baby or not, it does look like Jinger and Jeremy are having a blast as a married couple. After the wedding, they traveled not just for their honeymoon, but also throughout their first year of getting to know each other. They visited California, Pennsylvania, and resettled in Texas, all places that the 23-year-old Duggar did not have the opportunity to visit while living with her parents in Arkansas.

She also got to make some adjustments to her wardrobe, much to the fans’ surprise. She is now wearing pants and shorts a lot more frequently than she ever did in her family home. While the rest of her sisters, who are also married, choose to wear dresses and long skirts, it looks like Jinger feels no qualms about deviating from the rules she grew up with.

[Featured Image by Duggar Family/Facebook]