Bull Kills Itself When Horns Are Lit On Fire: Animal ‘Suicide’ From Horrific Cruelty

Roz Zurko - Author

Jul. 26 2019, Updated 7:16 a.m. ET

An extremely graphic video showing the horror of vicious animal cruelty that was suffered by a bull as its horns were lit on fire has been picking up views on social media. People from across the globe are expressing their shock over the brutality of this disturbing evil deed, after an animal advocate group posted the video on Facebook. The original Facebook post can be seen at the end of the article

The video was posted online by a group called Bull Defenders United, which describes itself as an international page against bullfighting. While what these men did to the bull is not within the scope of bull fighting, many believe that it is animal cruelty in its worst form.

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What was done to this bull was “vicious cruelty,” as one commenter wrote online. The online comments ranged from suggesting the men be sentenced to the same fate they bestowed upon the bull to various tear-inducing words about the cruelty to this animal. Animal rights activists, as well as the population in general, are furious over this event.

A group of men lit the horns of a bull on fire while the animal was tied to a post in what looks like the downtown area of a city. A man is holding the animal to the post, but once the horns ignite, he lets the bull go. The bull runs away but turns and races back towards the post it was tied to. Without hesitation, the animal slams itself head first into the post, collapsing right there on the spot.


The video is described as the “bull committing suicide,” according to Fox News. This grotesque sight of a bull laying on the ground while dying, with his horns still smoldering, attracted a crowd. People walked over to the dead animal and peered at the aftermath of this horrific deed.


This event was shot in Foios in Valencia during the “Bulls in the Street” festival, which is described by The Independent as a festival that imitates the famous Running of the Bulls festival held in Pamplona, Spain. It is a “scaled-down version” of the real thing.

The video has gathered much attention since being posted last week, and animal right activists have shared their outrage over this incident. Sadly, it is just one of many horrific incidents going on today when it comes the taunting and killing of bulls. The viral video of the bull committing suicide can be seen below but it does come with a warning that it is graphic.


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