Kitten Stolen During Pet Store Burglary Returned To Shop Owners

Bismarck, ND – A kitten stolen during a pet store burglary has been returned to shop owners, according to KFYR-TV.

Although authorities aren’t sure who is responsible for the break-in at Animal Kingdom, a kitten snatched during the incident has found its way back to the shop. Store manager Kim Leingang said she was convinced the cat was gone for good.

The Bismarck Tribune reports that a nine-year-old girl brought the kitten back to folks at Animal Kingdom. Her grandfather had been caring for the cat after he found it running around inside a local supermarket.

When the man discovered the kitten matched the description of one stolen from the pet store, he decided to contact the shop’s managers.

Since the cat found its way back home, Animal Kingdom staff have named the kitten Boomer after the boomerang.

“I don’t think anything could break Boomer’s spirit. He got here when he was so tiny. As soon as you touch him, his motor’s just running,” Leingang said.

Although the owners are happy to have the stolen kitten back safe and sound, they’re still wondering who smashed store windows and stole money from the register.

After viewing surveillance footage of the crime, police said the individual responsible for the break-in was wearing a white sweater, dark pants, and a ski mask. He climbed inside a waiting car after he lifted the kitten and the cash from the pet store.

According to The Associated Press, Animal Kingdom estimates the burglary will cost the store hundreds of dollars in damages.

Authorities explained that officers had been informed that the stolen kitten had been returned. An investigation into the incident is currently underway in the area.

Pet store employees are still caring for the kitten as of this writing. Although he’s still a little sneezy, the staff seems to think Boomer will survive the ordeal with all nine of his lives intact.