Florida Businessman Adopted Filipino Girl For Sex, Police Say

Florida businessman Andrew William Bosch adopted a 12-year-old Filipino girl for the purpose of sex, Orlando police say. The married 42-year-old man allegedly sexually abused the little girl for several years.

Andrew Bosch is accused of enticing the girl to America and then taking her out of the foster care system. Bosch’s now ex-wife, Melody Bosch, adopted the Filipino girl, who is a distant family member, according to the Florida Department of Children and Families.

Melody Bosch allegedly became upset because her husband and the child were “developing feelings” for each other outside of the “approved sexual arrangements.” The girl is now 17 years old and back in the foster care system.

Bosch was arrested last week on federal sexual abuse of a minor charges and interfering with the custody of a child charges in Osceola County. He is currently being held in the Seminole County Jail. Andrew Bosch runs Bosch Business Group, a successful tax preparation company. He created the business about three years ago, WFTV reports.

Florida police officials removed the adopted girl from the Philippines from the Bosch home last March, but law enforcement investigators believe Andrew Bosch and the girl still kept in touch. The girl and her adopted father allegedly met at church and various other locations, and also exchanged handwritten messages.

Last fall, the teenager was reported missing by her foster parents. Several other girls at the same foster home told the police Andrew Bosch “seemed creepy” and made them feel uncomfortable.

Four months after the Filipino girl disappeared, United States Marshals partnered in the search for her with local Florida law enforcement agencies. Andrew and Melody Bosch’s phones were tapped by the federal marshals, the Daily Mail reports.

During one recorded phone call, the Florida businessman reportedly informed his wife that the police knew the girl did not return to the Philippines. He also said he believed the law enforcement investigators would start “looking harder” for the missing foster child in their area.

Andrew Bosch allegedly continued to meet with the adopted minor even after she was removed from his home and placed in foster care. (Image by Olena Yakobchuk

After the United States Marshals had arrested Andrew Bosch, he told them about an apartment he was paying for in Tampa. When the law enforcement officers went to the apartment, they found the missing girl hiding in a closet.

Melody Bosch has not yet been charged with a crime related to the adoption or alleged sexual abuse of the Filipino girl. But, police investigators do reportedly believe the businessman’s then wife was aware her husband was having sex with her minor relative.

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