Meghan Markle’s Birthday Fit For A Princess, Meghan Shares Birthday With A Very Special Royal

Meghan Markle’s birthday this year is the first time she’s celebrated as the acknowledged girlfriend of a royal prince. Last year on the Suits star’s 35th birthday, Meghan and Prince Harry were secretly seeing each other, but the rumors hadn’t spread far and the relationship was unconfirmed. Today, according to the Mirror, the actress turns 36 under the scrutiny of royalty fans around the world as they breathlessly await news that Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are engaged.

On the day itself, Markle was in Toronto working hard on the Suits set to wrap up filming for Season 7 of the hit show. Amid escalating rumors that Meghan plans to leave the show in the very near future so that she and Prince Harry can announce their engagement, the actress is refusing to be distracted from her work, even on her birthday.

ABC News reported that Prince Harry has just returned to England after attending Google’s luxury Sicilian summer camp for the world’s wealthiest business people and most brilliant tech minds and couldn’t be with Markle on the day itself. Markle showed her royal readiness by adjusting her birthday plans to suit their combined work schedules.

In the week before the big day, Meghan Markle took her mom, Doria Radlan, to London for a pre-birthday week of fun that included some special time with Prince Harry.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's engagement announcement is expected almost daily
Prince Harry and Meghan Markle planned birthday celebrations around their demanding work schedules. [Image by Jonathan Brady - WPA Pool/Getty Images)

According to E! News, Meghan and Harry did some careful planning around work commitments to make sure that they could see each other while also giving Meghan’s mom a chance to get to know her daughter’s royal boyfriend.

A Meghan Markle insider said that Doria “spent time with Harry and Meghan together,” and it sounds like she and Harry took to each other. That’s more good news for everyone waiting for the announcement that Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are engaged! Meghan’s mom also wandered around the sights of London with her daughter as Meghan made a point of showing her mom her favorite places in the city, which could become her future home if she and Prince Harry wed.

Meghan will reportedly fly back to London for another birthday celebration as soon as she’s finished filming Suits. People Magazine gave Prince Harry a few hints about what presents Markle is most likely to enjoy, in case he’s scrambling for last minute gifts. She loves wine, puppies, and flowers, with a preference for peonies.

On Meghan’s birthday, August 4, Prince Harry is also remembering someone who was very special to him and to his brother, Prince William. Hello Magazine wrote that Meghan Markle shares her birthday with an iconic and beloved royal, the late Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother. The Queen Mother was born in 1900, 81 years before Prince Harry’s girlfriend entered the world.

Sharing a birthday with someone as completely royal as Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother, who was married to King George the V and is the mother to Queen Elizabeth, could be a sure sign that Meghan is meant to be a royal princess herself!

[Featured Image by Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images]