Is it time for Sam Bradford to end his College career?

Sam Bradford may have made a huge mistake. Had he left College last year, after his red shirt Sophomore year, he would have been a top ten draft pick. Many believe that he would have been the overall number one pick and could be making 42 million dollars this year playing QB for the Detroit Lions. Instead Bradford wanted to come back for his senior season with Oklahoma. He wanted to try to win a second Heisman trophy, and he wanted to lead his team to a National Championship. Now that all of the goals are gone, it is time for Bradford to retire from college football, and preserve what is left of his draft stock.

Bradford’s season went sideways virtually from the beginning. Bradford suffered a third degree shoulder sprain in Oklahoma’s opening game, a loss to BYU. He missed three games, and last Saturday he reinjured that shoulder in a loss to Texas. With two losses there is virtually no way that Oklahoma can win a National Title, and with missing three games, and most of a fourth Bradford has no shot at winning another Heisman.

For the 2009 draft Bradford was a top five QB prospect, now he is more like a top ten prospect. That might not so sound bad but the difference is salary between a top five pick and a top ten pick is some 20 million dollars. 2009 overall number one pick Matthew Stafford got 41.7 million dollars in guaranteed money, sixth overall pick Andre Smith got 21 million dollars guaranteed after a lengthy hold out.

The only really good news for Bradford is it appears many NFL teams will be looking for a QB in 2010. The Cleveland Browns may be at the top of that list, but also the Oakland Raiders, Tennessee Titans, Buffalo Bills, Washington Redskins, and a few other may be looking for new QB’s next year. If Bradford stops playing now, allows his shoulder time to heal he still very well could be a high draft pick in next year’s draft.