Hundreds Of Black Widow Spiders Hatch Inside Shipping Container

Norwich, England – Officials believe that hundreds of black widow spiders may have hatched while traveling between Arizona and England, according to AOL Travel.

During its journey across the pond, the container full of tires spawned a horrifying number of the venomous spiders. The last thing employees at Fendercare Marine in Norwich expected to find inside the shipment was an army of deadly arachnids.

In order to contain all of the black widow spiders, the staff called in pest control experts. The Mirror reports that, while employees aren’t exactly sure how many spiders were inside the crate, the creatures are estimated to have numbered in the hundreds.

Experts reportedly removed two of the eight-legged stowaways for identification purposes.

Fendercare Marine’s Mark Cook was as surprised as anyone to find the spiders hiding out inside the shipping container. He explained that black widows aren’t something they encounter on a regular basis.

“We take containers from all over the place, and our guys are used to checking for wildlife, so when they opened the doors they spotted the spiders and shut the doors to keep them trapped in,” he told EDP24.

While nobody wants to get bitten by one of these poisonous spiders, Cook said the power of their venom is often over-exaggerated by the general public.

“The poor little creatures have got a bad reputation with people thinking that their bite is immediately fatal, but generally people are just fairly sick,” the manager explained.

Last month, a woman in Massachusetts had an unexpected encounter with a black widow spider after purchasing a bag of grapes from a local supermarket. The arachnid survived five days inside a refrigerator before it was discovered.

“I’d been opening the bag, snipping off a clump and closing the bag back up,” Laurie Kaiser told CBS Boston. “I washed each clump before we ate it. In fact, it was as I was getting ready to rinse off a clump when I saw the spider.”

What would you do if you discovered hundreds of black widow spiders inside a shipping container?