Now everyone can really be a movie critic – without knowing it

I don’t get out much so going to the movies isn’t high on my wife or my list of things to do so we’re not ones to pay much attentions to movie ratings. That doesn’t mean that other folks are the same as sites like can attest to with lots of people adding their votes to the list.

While Rotten Tomatos maybe questionable in the yes of true movie aficionados like Alex Billington at he does point to a rather neat new service utilizing the power of Twitter to rate movies.

It’s called TwitCritics and apparently it has some magic sauce that lets it surf the Twittersphere for movie related tweets and deduce a positive or negative score for it. Now I can’t really attest to its quality of scoring but maybe the next time you’re up for a new movie but not too sure about which one maybe drop by TwitCritics and see what’s hot according the Twitter.