Odd Future Accused Of Attacking Fan At Show [Video]

Rap group Odd Future allegedly delivered a nasty blow to one of its unfortunate fans last weekend.

According to TMZ, several of the group’s members attacked a 17-year-old audience member after he jumped onto the stage during one of their performances. The fight was captured on video and a police report has been filed against the band.

Chassan Rasagi is the teenage victim who claims he received injuries to his body during the on-stage altercation. Sources told TMZ that Rasagi sustained scratches, head lacerations, and burns in addition to suffering two seizures.

MSN reports that a police report has been filed by Rasagi in which the concert-goer alleges that after he climbed onto the stage he was attacked by the hip-hop musicians. He goes on to claim that members of Odd Future pushed him back into the crowd that had gathered at The White Rabbit in San Antonio, Texas. The incident, which was captured on amateur video and posted on YouTube, took place on December 8.

Footage from the YouTube videos appear to show the audience shoving Rasagi back onto the stage before being shoved back into the crowd once again.

Contact Music writes that Odd Future is not a stranger to trouble. In November of 2011 chaos ensued at a performance in Austin, Texas stemming from a bottle thrown at Tyler, The Creator, the band’s frontman. An arrest was made in December of that same year when sound equipment was allegedly vandalized at a Los Angeles appearance.

Below are the YouTube videos showing footage of the December 8 altercation. Please note that both videos contain obscenities and inappropriate language.

How do you feel about the alleged Odd Future attack on their fan?