‘Justice League’ Unveils New Action Figures Offering A Closer Look At Movie Villain, While Stars React

The Justice League movie is set to hit theaters this November, and while there has been plenty of anticipation for this team up, especially following the success of Wonder Woman, one thing fans and even the movie’s stars have been waiting for are the action figures. Although the team looks to have their hands full with the new villain they will be facing, fans of the Justice League will get a much better look at the movie’s bad guy, Steppenwolf, if they head to the store and pick up the new action figures from the film.

According to Entertainment Weekly, it seems that Mattel, DC Entertainment, and Warner Bros. Consumer Products all joined together in order to bring fans a new line of toys, in an effort to support the upcoming Justice League movie. Not only does the lineup of action figures include the expected characters of Superman, Batman, Aquaman, Wonder Woman, Cyborg, and The Flash, but it also adds in the Parademons and Steppenwolf, who the characters will have to go up against.

Fans who are looking to get their hands on these action figures can head to Toys “R” Us, where they will be exclusively sold for just $19.99 each. On top of the characters that were unveiled, fans can also get their hands on a replica of the Flying Fox, which will be debuting in the Justice League as well. The Flying Fox is a much larger replica of the ship, which can be found exclusively at Wal-Mart for $79.99.

Ray Fisher, Ezra Miller, The Flash, Cyborg, Justice League

While fans may be excited for these action figures and the replica of the new “aerial transport” courtesy of Bruce Wayne, they are not the only ones, according to Comic Book. Both Ezra Miller, who plays The Flash, and Ray Fisher, who plays Cyborg, also got a chance to see their action figures for the first time. In a video that has been posted to Twitter, the two actors got their first look at their own action figures and were clearly excited for them.

Ezra Miller was the first one to get a look at the miniature version of himself as The Flash. In the video he can be seen staring in awe at himself. He is quickly joined by Ray Fisher, who is also excited about his Cyborg figure. The two tell their fans that they can see more at the new website, jointheleague.com, which gives fans access to exclusive content and merchandise related to the Justice League movie. As the video ends, Miller tells fans that they can now get the action figures with their faces on them, which leads Fisher to saying or “three-quarters” of a face, as his character is also a machine.

Not only can fans head to the new Join the League website in order to access exclusive material, but they will also get updates about the movie itself. Justice League is set to hit theaters on November 17, but in the meantime, there are plenty of options for keeping fans interested and excited leading up to its premiere.

[Featured Image by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]