‘Big Brother 19’ Spoilers: Who Are Week 6 Eviction Targets, Does New ‘BB19’ HOH Have A Plan?

Big Brother 19 spoilers from Thursday night, August 3, are going to include the Week 6 eviction targets. Josh Martinez is in charge of the BB19 house after he won the “Graveyard Golf” Competition to become the next Head of Household. This was really bad news for Jessica Graf and Cody Nickson, as they had just finished benefiting from the Halting Hex temptation. As host Julie Chen hinted at the end of the August 3 episode, though, there would be another Temptation Competition this week that could really shake things up.

These latest Big Brother 19 spoilers will become very evident as the CBS live feeds just got turned back on this evening. CBS and the production team typically turn them off on eviction nights in order to get fans tuned in for the television episodes, but not tonight. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, nobody was sent home this week, after Jessica Graf used the Halting Hex, canceling the Eviction Ceremony. It all means that there still needs to be one more eviction before the BB19 jury begins forming.

The exact Big Brother 19 spoilers for this week might be easy to predict, as Josh Martinez has made it no secret that he wants to get Jessica Graf and Cody Nickson out of the house. That seems to be his primary plan already, but his strategy could shift once the results of the Temptation Competition become known. Unlike before, Jessica and Cody might decide to actually play in the competition this week, potentially making one of them safe from even getting nominated. That could really shake things up for the entire BB19 house.

There is already a lot of drama taking place on the Big Brother live feeds, so this could be a very exciting night for the live feed subscribers. Right now, Alex Ow is arguing with Mark Jansen about his friendship with Jessica and Cody. She feels that he is still aligned with them and Mark is doing a terrible job at distancing himself from that showmance alliance. If Mark isn’t careful, he could wind up one of the nominees this week. Due to his history with HOH Josh Martinez, that might just happen anyway.

If what Josh Martinez has been saying to Kevin Schlehuber is true, then the primary target for eviction this week is going to be Jessica Graf. As the target can change based on a whim, though, this should only be considered the preliminary idea by Josh as the new Head of Household. He still has to withstand the prodding that is sure to come from Paul Abrahamian, because Paul will definitely have an idea about how he feels Week 6 should go in the BB19 house. Will Josh be able to maintain control of his own HOH week?

These Big Brother 19 spoilers are highlighted by how hard Kevin Schlehuber is pressuring Josh Martinez to go after Jessica Graf and Cody Nickson, or Mark Jansen and Elena Davies. He really feels that it is important to break up those two showmances while the other side of the BB19 house still has a chance to do so. Elena can be seen on one of the other live feed cameras and she is definitely concerned that she could get nominated for eviction this week.

The Temptation Competition this week is going to be an extremely important one, as it could dictate which showmance might be coming to an end at the next Eviction Ceremony. Jessica Graf, Cody Nickson, Mark Jansen, and Elena Davies all need to participate in the challenge, as one of them could probably gain safety by winning it. The reward far outweighs any possible risks this time. That is where the next batch of Big Brother 19 spoilers is going to come from, as Josh Martinez doesn’t have to make a final nomination decision until after the Temptation Competition.

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