Former Bears QB Jay Cutler Interested In Dolphins’ QB Spot

Jay Cutler is pondering ending his retirement. The former Chicago Bears quarterback has interest in a QB position with the Miami Dolphins.

According to ESPN, Jay Cutler is mulling a return to the NFL after what would be regarded as a brief hiatus from the league. Jay Cutler was released (courtesy of the Chicago Bears website) by the Chicago Bears during the offseason.

Cutler spent eight seasons with the Chicago Bears at the time of his release. He holds nearly every quarterbacking record for the Bears. One his best NFL seasons with the Bears was spent with current Miami Dolphins head coach Adam Gase.

Gase was the Chicago Bears offensive coordinator for a season before taking the top position with the Miami Dolphins. The duo of Jay Cutler and Adam Gase enjoyed great success in their one year together with the Bears. There is now the possibility of the two being reunited with the Dolphins.

Jay Cutler’s curiosity with the Dolphins comes after a need for a signal-caller was created in Miami. Dolphins’ starting quarterback Ryan Tannehill went down with an apparent leg injury during Dolphins’ training camp practice session, according to the Miami Herald.

According to the NFL website, the Miami Dolphins fear that Ryan Tannehill has suffered a partially torn ACL in his left knee. The Dolphins’ medical staff conducted an MRI on Tannehill not long after his non-contact injury occurred. The MRI came back with no structural damage.

Jay Cutler leaves Soldier Field.

If the Miami Dolphins’ fears are realized regarding Ryan Tannehill’s knee injury, they will need a quarterback to join them in camp. Contacting Bears’ quarterback Jay Cutler makes sense.

There were questions regarding Ryan Tannehill when he was a healthy quarterback. Now that he is injured, it adds emphasis on the Dolphins’ need. Jay Cutler having a history with Adam Gase makes his fit with the Dolphins a natural one.

The offense Gase runs in Miami is similar to what he employed with the Chicago Bears. The terminology is different due to Gase not wanting another NFL team having intimate knowledge of his playbook, but it would be easy for Jay Cutler to grasp things.

Jay Cutler was set to join the broadcasting booth with Fox (courtesy of the New York Times) prior to Ryan Tannehill’s injury. He is willing to postpone his career change for a chance to play quarterback with the Miami Dolphins.

Cutler would also be helping out a friend in Adam Gase if he were to receive and accept a training camp invitation with the Miami Dolphins.

Ryan Tannehill is slated to seek a second opinion about his leg injury. The results of Tannehill’s next doctor’s visit could determine if Jay Cutler gets a call from the Miami Dolphins. Because Cutler is interested in joining the Dolphins in training camp, it would not be a call made in vain.

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