Justin Bieber Gives Away His Pet Hamster To Screaming Fan [Video]

Did Justin Bieber give away his pet hamster to one of his adoring fans? That’s what grainy cellphone footage would have us believe.

According to the folks at Hollywood Life, the Canadian pop star decided that he wasn’t the right person to care for a tiny hamster named PAC. In order ensure the little critter found a proper home, Bieber decided to give his pet to one of his many followers.

While signing autographs after his Jingle Ball performance at the Philips Arena in Atlanta, a shirtless Justin embarked on a quest to find his pet a new home. Instead of returning the hamster to the pet store, Bieber decided to pass him off onto one of his fans.

TMZ managed to get their hands on a copy of the cellphone footage. The singer can almost be seen handing the little animal over to a group of screaming girls. Here’s hoping the poor animal didn’t get crushed in all the excitement.

“That’s all you,” Justin said to the fan as handed over the hamster. “You gotta take care of PAC.”

“I will take care of him!” the fan shouted in response.

In the chaos that ensues, Justin can be heard giving the critter’s new owner some friendly advice on how to care for the hamster. Footage of the exchange can be found below.

Not surprisingly, a few people on the internet feel that Bieber is an irresponsible pet owner for casually handing the creature over to the first fan willing to carry the burden.

“Uses an animal for his publicity photos, has no other need for it and after two months makes out he’s this wonderful person by giving it to a fan when really he wanted rid of it. More publicity with the whole pantomime being filmed on camera,” one reader at The Sun commented.

Are you a fan of Justin Bieber? What do you think about the singer giving away his pet hamster to a random fan?