Transgender Student Files Lawsuit Against Private School Who Made Her Wear Boy's Uniform, Use Boy's Restroom

Mandy Robinson

A transgender student in California has now filed a lawsuit due to her private school allegedly not allowing her to wear girl uniforms and also forcing her to use the boy's bathroom. Los Angeles CBS Local shared the details of what went down. The 8-year-old was a student in Yorba Linda. Her parents have now filed a discrimination lawsuit against the school.

Nicole Brar's family filed the lawsuit Thursday in Orange County Superior Court against Heritage Oak Private School and also its parent company, Nobel Learning Communities. Just before the little girl was 7, she came out as transgender.

There are several things that the girl's parents are upset about in this lawsuit. It says that they didn't allow her to "use the name, pronoun, and gender corresponding" to her gender identity. The big issues are that she allegedly had to wear a boy uniform and also had to use the boy's restroom. They also claimed that their daughter was bullied while going to school there and they did nothing about it.

One more thing is that they revealed that their daughter was not happy with the way that the school handled things and that she even talked about "self-harm" and was also depressed. During the 2016-2017 school year, they pulled her out of school and finished out the year with homeschool. After that, they decided to enroll her in a public school and not send her back to Heritage Oak Private School.

Heritage Oak spokesperson Kerry Owens did put out a statement about this lawsuit. They explained that there was a mid-year change of gender identity expression for the young girl. They planned to tell everyone about it, but wanted to do it in the right way. The school said that they needed "expert guidance" regarding timing and explaining this to the other children. The statement doesn't mention what their plans were about the child's uniform or restroom use. The family is looking to get an unknown amount of money in the lawsuit.