New TLC Show ‘Growing Up Evancho’ Discusses Jackie Evancho’s Transgender Sister

TLC has a new show coming called Growing Up Evancho. This show will focus on Jackie Evancho’s sister, who is transgender. You might remember Jackie Evancho from her time on America’s Got Talent. People shared the details about this new show and what you can expect from it.

This show is all about Jackie, along with her parents, Lisa and Mike; sisters Juliet, 19, and Rachel, 13; and brother Zach, 15. Her sister Juliet came out about transitioning into a female back in 2015. Then Jackie dealt with backlash when she agreed to perform the national anthem at President Donald Trump’s January inauguration.

Jackie supports her sister totally, but her mom also tells her in the preview that she has to remember that she can’t avoid standing up for what she believes in because she is afraid that she won’t end up selling albums. Jackie seems to be having a few issues figuring out how to do all of this just right. Jackie is working hard touring, and Juliet is actually working on a modeling career.

So far, it seems like TLC has only picked up Growing Up Evancho for a one-time special. If the show does great, you can assume that it will become a full series. This is the way that TLC seems to do things. They have done this with several shows in the past.

People shared a few more details about Juliet Evancho and what has been going on with her. Juliet filed a federal discrimination lawsuit against her Pennsylvania high school last year. She was very upset that they would not allow her and other transgender students at the school to use whatever restroom they felt like they should. A judge granted a preliminary injunction that allowed them to use whatever bathroom they wanted in February.

Jackie has even been hoping to get a meeting with President Donald Trump to talk to him about transgender issues. She isn’t holding back at all and wants everyone to know how she feels about this issue by standing up for her sister.

Are you excited to watch Jackie Evancho and her family on Growing Up Evancho? Do you feel like this should become a series? Sound off in the comments section, and don’t miss Growing Up Evancho when it airs on August 9 on TLC.

[Featured Image by Saul Loeb, Pool/Getty Images]