Rachael O’Brien Dishes ‘Southern Charm’ Dirt With Kathryn Dennis About Thomas, Patricia, And More On Podcast

It’s summertime and there is no announcement for Season 5 of Southern Charm, but Kathryn Dennis has done an interview with Rachael O’Brien of the podcast “Be Here For A While,” where she talks about everything from when and how she got cast on Southern Charm to what’s going on today. Kathryn talked about things that went on during filming, and the things that she does when she’s not filming to stay busy. No holds barred, she talks about recovery, meeting Thomas at age 21, and how things are going now.

The last time we saw Kathryn was on the Southern Charm Season 4 reunion, and at that time, she was still under the gag order that seemed to last forever. But now that the gag order is lifted, Kathryn is free to give interviews. While Kathryn couldn’t say all that she wanted to say at the Southern Charm reunion, her facial expressions spoke volumes, especially when it comes to Landon talking about judging men by their luggage, and Thomas giving speeches. Kathryn’s eye rolls, shoulder shrugs, and lip pursing told Southern Charm fans what they needed to know. Craig also played off of Kathryn, and the two of them seemed to almost have their own show-within-a-show.

The podcast Be Here For A While with Rachael O’Brien is a bit over an hour with Kathryn Dennis and allows fans to hear Dennis in her own words, explaining where she is in life. O’Brien is on Vanderpump Rules sometimes, so her questions are fairly on-point. Kathryn explains the age difference between herself and Thomas when Southern Charm started, and how they were in different places in life.

“When we started, I was 21 and he was 49. We were at really different places in our lives.”

Kathryn even talks about Southern Charm cast member Landon, who in her words “is a little off.” Rachael asks if Landon is really that unaware of the way she behaves on the show.

“People tell her on Twitter how she is acting, and she doesn’t change.”

Kathryn explains that Landon went into the Southern Charm reunion with a strategy, and it didn’t work.

“People see right through it, it doesn’t work. Landon decided to cry when and if I cried, and it just struck me as strange.”

Kathryn also talks about Patricia Altschul, and how phony things are when they shoot at her house. Kathryn in particular called “bulls**t on Patricia and Michael.

“When the cast is over at Patricia’s house, and she has Michael serve the dogs a snack on a fork? C’mon!”

Kathryn says that Patricia in her 70s puts on airs and nobody can figure out why. Kathryn explains from the start that Patricia didn’t approve of her and her age. She also talks about when she first met Whitney and he wanted to dress her for events. She explained that she stayed at the house with Whitney and Patricia when Southern Charm filming first started because she was living an hour away in Moncks Corner, South Carolina.

“I stayed at Patricia’s house for at least a week and a half.”

Kathryn explains that Whitney seemed to confuse staying at the house with a relationship. When Patricia says that Kathryn stayed there one night, she isn’t telling the truth.

“We had breakfast every morning with Patricia. She was friendly and receptive to me, but when I was with Thomas, Patricia turned on me.”


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But Kathryn says that now, things with Whitney are good, even if they aren’t with Patricia, on or off Southern Charm. But she says that Whitney still sizes up who is important in a room, and he cozies up to that person.

“Whitney covers up his nice side with his snooty stuff.”

Kathryn explains that rehab gave her time to look within herself and to start reading a lot.

“When you are sober, you see a lot of things you wouldn’t otherwise see.”

But perhaps what fans of Southern Charm want to know was what happened after the Southern Charm reunion? Was there another hookup with Thomas Ravenel?

“I’ll admit it for the first time, Yes, we did hook up again after the reunion.”

Kathryn is saying that she can never say never when it comes to a relationship with Thomas, but for now, she is dating, and she’s trying some dating apps.

Have you listened to Rachael O’Brien’s podcast? What did you think of the interview with Southern Charm‘s Kathryn Dennis?

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