‘Big Brother 19’ Recap: Spoilers From August 3 Episode, Did The Halting Hex Get Used As ‘BB19’ House Exploded?

This Big Brother 19 recap will include spoilers from the August 3 episode. A lot is expected to take place on Thursday night, especially after the August 2 episode came to an end without letting CBS viewers know what happened at the Veto Ceremony. Viewers were left wondering why all the Big Brother 19 spoilers from the weekend still hadn’t been revealed. A lot of paranoia was building in the BB19 house about what would happen if the Halting Hex got used. This Episode 18 recap comes from a live CBS presentation on Thursday, August 3, at 9 p.m. PT/ET.

Readers can check in here on Thursday night, as this article by the Inquisitr will be updated as everything plays out live during the episode. In addition to what took place at the Week 5 Veto Ceremony, CBS viewers will be shown whether or not Jessica Graf agreed to the new plan that Head of Household Paul Abrahamian had laid out for her. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Paul’s plan was for Jessica to turn against Cody Nickson, and in exchange, the rest of the BB19 house would target Alex Ow for eviction next week. Would Jessica end her showmance early for a chance to survive longer?

The last Big Brother 19 recap, which came from the August 2 episode, updated CBS viewers on a lot of other events that took place in the house. Paul Abrahamian won the Week 5 Head of Household, gaining power for the week. The houseguests were then given the opportunity to play in the Temptation Competition, where the winner would gain safety for the week and the last place finisher would become the third nominee on the block. Mark Jansen won the challenge to gain safety, while Jason Dent came in last place and was nominated for eviction.

Paul Abrahamian ended up nominating Jessica Graf and Cody Nickson for eviction, angering the couple quite a bit and leading to a lot of drama in the BB19 house. At the Veto Competition, Paul continued a trend of the HOH winning the Power of Veto, allowing him the opportunity to keep the nominations the same or to save Jessica, Cody, or Jason from the block. The negotiating was shown on the live feeds and then on the August 2 episode, but CBS didn’t go any further than that.

For any viewers who need to know what is going on a bit early and cannot wait for the August 3 episode, a previous report by the Inquisitr covers what happened during the Veto Ceremony and what plans might play out next. For everyone else, pull up a chair as this Big Brother 19 recap will begin updating with new show information at 6 p.m. PT/9 p.m. ET on Thursday, August 3.

Updated 7:00 p.m. PT / 10:00 p.m. ET

The August 3 Big Brother 19 recap begins after viewers got to see the “previously on Big Brother segment” when host Julie Chen teased the audience about what would be coming up in the next hour. Jessica Graf approached Cody Nickson to find out if there was really a deal in place between Cody and Matt Clines to take out Jessica and Elena Davies. There was indeed a deal, as shown in black-and-white footage, but Cody lied about it to Jessica after realizing he had been caught. Jessica approached Matt to ask him, but Matt declined to discuss it.

Paul Abrahamian was also seen approaching Alex Ow and the rest of his alliance about the deal that Jessica had offered. Jessica stated that she would not use the Halting Hex if the rest of the BB19 house agreed to get Alex out next week. Paul got everyone to agree to it, with the primary mission to get Cody Nickson out of the house this week. Paul then went to tell Jessica that the plan was ready to go. She said she needed a few minutes to herself. Jessica then went to the group and agreed to the deal.

At the Week 5 Veto Ceremony, Jason Dent gave a long speech about why he should be saved, Jessica Graf said only “world peace,” and Cody Nickson had no speech for the BB19 house. Then a Diary Room session was shown where it started to appear that Jessica had lied to the house again about the Halting Hex. Before the commercial break, host Julie Chen hinted that a lot of drama would be coming up in the August 3 Big Brother 19 episode.

Paranoia consumed Jessica, as she first called out Raven Walton for just talking to Kevin Schlehuber and Jason Dent, and then she told Paul that the deal was off. It never actually appeared that Jessica was planning to go through with the deal, especially when the topic came up in front of Cody Nickson at this point of Episode 18. The show went to another commercial break, with Julie Chen stating that the BB19 house was about to “explode.”

This Big Brother 19 recap picks up after Jessica backed out of her deal with Paul when Josh Martinez resumed his circus using pots and pans to disrupt the whole house (at the direction of Paul). Jessica first threw a bunch of apples at him and then went out into the hallway, where she was called out by Alex Ow for a package of lies that Jessica and Cody had blamed on Raven Walton. First Alex was upset and then Raven joined in on the shouting match after Jessica called them liars again. Just as Julie Chen had predicted, the BB19 house did explode.

Diary Room sessions were shown for Matt Clines and Mark Jansen, who both hinted that a lot of bullying was taking place inside the game. They appeared quite disgusted by what was taking place in the house and felt that the arguing had gone too far at this point. It was then time for yet another commercial break before the BB19 cast finally got to take part in the “live” portion of Episode 18.

At the Eviction Ceremony, Jessica Graf stood up and used the Halting Hex temptation. Using the Halting Hex canceled the Eviction Ceremony, making Jessica and Cody Nickson safe from eviction for the week. Host Julie Chen then stated that she would be back to get the Head of Household Competition started… after yet another commercial break.

The HOH Competition was called “Gravestone Golf” and the contestants had to use a zombie leg to putt an eye ball into a slot. Each slot at the opposite side of the yard had a point value. The object was to achieve the highest point total and get crowned the Week 6 Head of Household. Each person (other than outgoing HOH Paul Abrahamian) took a shot and it was Cody Nickson and Christmas Abbott who were tied for the lead. Then Josh Martinez came up and won the HOH Competition.

That brings an end to the August 3 Big Brother 19 recap, but there is more information about the show that has come out on Thursday. For fans who want to read about some additional Big Brother 19 spoilers, a report by the Inquisitr discusses a news article that came out regarding the military service of Cody Nickson.

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