Nicole Kidman And Keith Urban Gush Over One Another Once More, Celebrate Exciting Year

Nicole Kidman is reflecting on a very exciting year that she, her loving husband Keith Urban, and her family as a whole has experienced. The acclaimed Big Little Lies actress celebrated her 50th birthday in June as well as her 11th wedding anniversary with the country superstar. Additionally, her eldest daughter with Urban, Sunday Rose, also celebrated her ninth birthday.

What did the stunning and ageless beauty receive for her landmark year? Nothing, apparently, aside from “hugs and kisses.” Kidman spoke about all the things she has to celebrate when she appeared on The Project this past Monday.

The actress also admitted she is happy to be back in her native Australia and to have been appearing at a red carpet event there, but as the Daily Mail shares, Kidman was definitely missing Urban.

“I saw the opera house and it still takes my breath away,” Nicole said. “The only thing that could make it better is if Kieth was here.”

Keith Urban has been on tour lately but tries his best to get back to be with his star wife and adorable daughters. In a recent interview with CTV News, Keith spoke about how important it is for him to get home as much as possible.

“If there’s a way for me to get home after a show — even if it gets me there at 1 in the morning — then I can at least have breakfast (and) lunch with the family.”

Luckily for Keith and Nicole, as well as their girls, the country star’s tour schedule is much less intense this time around and allows him to go a couple days on and a couple days off.

Keith shared, “It feels quite balanced… It’s not like we’re on the road for weeks and weeks at a time.”

The A-list couple has been known as one of the most affectionate and loving in Hollywood despite debunked rumors that circulated last year about a rough patch. The pair never fail to speak glowingly and lovingly about each other and it’s clear the respect the two have for one another’s career endeavors.

It’s a known fact that Nicole Kidman’s portrayal in the series Big Little Lies involved some difficult scenes, and the star shared how she struggled with them as well as how Urban helped her through. Keith also addressed Nicole’s difficulty with this particular role and those particular scenes during his chat with CTV News.

“By being a loving husband, ya know? Nic is an accessor more than an actor, meaning that, for me, she accesses everything that you’re seeing or feeling on camera. If she’s getting tossed around or she’s being traumatized, she’s really feeling it. It’s legit. Those scenes were pretty heavy. She would call me after a day of shooting and be just really shaken. I could hear it in her voice. Luckily we’re both artists and I get the passion and commitment in her life, in storytelling.”

[Feature Image by Joshua Blanchard/Getty Images]