Kate Middleton News: Kate Deals With Tragic Brain Tumor Death Of Childhood Friend Isobel Kennerley

Kate Middleton’s charmed life isn’t without some grief and tragedy. Hello magazine wrote that Kate and Pippa Middleton’s childhood friend, Isobel Kennerley, died recently after a lengthy and painful struggle with a brain tumor.

Kate’s friend, who also suffered from Cerebral Palsy, asked to be able to take her own life as the pain became too much. Unfortunately, she deteriorated so quickly that by the time she realized how horrific her slow death would be, she was no longer able to so much as lift her hands.

Isobel was only 33-years-old when she died, and she had known Kate and Pippa Middleton from the time the three girls were Brownies. She joined the same Brownie pack in 1990 and even shared the same Six as the Middleton sisters, who, as more experienced Brownies, would have been responsible for helping their new friend learn the ropes.

In 1991, the three friends went on holiday together with the Brownie Pack. They shared a bunkhouse in a decommissioned RAF building in the Cotswolds and were given daily tasks like collecting breakfast eggs from the hens and feeding lambs and goats. They also went on horse-and-cart rides, played games, and sang campfire songs together in the evening.

Kate’s friend had warm memories of her time with the future wife of Prince William.

Kate and Pippa Middleton were in the saem six as Isobel Kennerley, who recently died of a brain tumor

The Mirror wrote that Kennerley said she “enjoyed” herself and affectionately remembered Kate and Pippa Middleton and the other Brownies being “really kind” to her because of her disability.

Middleton has yet to address the difficult topic of euthanasia, and Kate has not said whether she believes that Isobel should have been helped to end her own life. The royals are very careful about what they say on controversial topics, but the prolonged and painful death of Kate’s childhood friend, who was two years younger than the royal, could be difficult to bear in silence.

Kate Middleton's childhood friend died after a long and painful struggle with a brain tumor.

According to the Telegraph, Isobel’s mother, Christine Eeley, said that her daughter died in circumstances that saw her suffer “the utmost pain, distress and loss of dignity.” Eeley is herself an advocate for assisted suicide and wants the law to be changed so that terminally ill people like her daughter would be legally allowed to control how and when they die.

It is not known whether Eeley has considered enlisting the support of Kate and Pippa Middleton for her cause.

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