Jenelle Evans Refutes Her Own Claim That Her Mother Tricked Her Into Giving Up Custody of Jace

Jenelle Evans has been engaged in a Twitter war with her ex, Nathan Griffith, for the past several days. In the social media war, Nathan has accused Jenelle of abusing their son, Kaiser, 3, and of generally being a bad mother. He released text messages between the pair that showed Jenelle’s “bad” behavior, though he has now deleted them.

In one of the text messages he released, Nathan told Jenelle that she was such a bad mother that she had to have Jace taken away. Jenelle Evans details in her newest book, Read Between the Lines, that she was tricked into giving up custody of her son. According to the book, Jenelle’s mother, Barbara (who is now Jace’s primary custodian), told Jenelle to go out and party with a friend to relax and get away from her son for the night. When Jenelle returned, CPS (Child Protective Services) was there and took Jace away from her, granting full custodianship to her mother, Barb.

However, in one of the leaked text message conversations, Nathan tells Jenelle Evans she is such an irresponsible mother that her eldest son got taken away from her. Jenelle then responds, saying that she was 17 at the time, and she wasn’t ready, so she signed over custody on her own accord.

Nathan has accused Jenelle and her fiancé, David Eason, of abusing Kaiser, 3. Nathan claims that when he picks up Kaiser, he is full of bruises and cowers when the name “David” is mentioned. According to Nathan, he had also developed a fear of water since being with Jenelle and David, as he claims he fell overboard when they took him on a boat for a family day. Jenelle has not necessarily clarified the individual claims, only stating that this was definitely not the case.

Jenelle Evans and David Eason, however, were under fire during the premiere of Teen Mom 2 for their treatment of Kaiser. Fans expressed outrage as the pair seemingly “threw him around” like “a rag doll” and offered nothing to stimulate him. Instead, they yell at him for picking up items around the house and get into fights with each other in front of him.

[Featured Image by Jason Merritt/Getty Images]