Newlywed Allegedly Pulls Gun Out Of Wedding Dress, Takes Aim At Groom

Murfreesboro, Tennessee, police in suburban Nashville arrested a newly married bride after she allegedly pulled a gun from her wedding dress, pointed the weapon at her husband’s head, and pulled the trigger.

Evidently, the handgun was unloaded, but the newlywed then put a bullet in the 9mm pistol and fired a round into the air, a witness claimed, as WTVF, NewsChannel 5 in Nashville, reported. The shot caused bystanders to flee the area.

Just a few hours after their marriage ceremony last Friday, the couple got into an argument outside the Clarion Inn, which led to the dispute escalating into alleged gunplay.

The newlyweds evidently told responding cops, who had been summoned to an alleged domestic disturbance at about 1 a.m., that everything was okay.

“But interviews with witnessed contradicted the couple’s tale of marital bliss,” the Smoking Gun explained.

Apparently, the couple had been drinking before or during the quarrel and were uncooperative with the cops who subsequently arrived at the scene to investigate.

Officers located a spent shell casing outside the motel in the parking lot and also found the bride’s alleged handgun dumped in the trashcan in the motel room bathroom, the police report indicates.

Commenting on the wedding night arrest, Murfreesboro police sergeant Kyle Evans remarked, “Responding officers let the husband know the honeymoon was over and his new wife was going to jail.”

The suspect, identified in multiple media accounts as Kate Elizabeth Prichard, 25, was taken into custody and faces a charge of aggravated domestic assault. The suspect subsequently obtained her release from the Rutherford County jail on a $15,000 bond. Additional charges are possible pending a further investigation.

Murfreesboro is located about 34 miles southeast of downtown Nashville.

Tennessee woman pulls gun on husband a few hours after marriage vows

The alleged pistol-packing bride was still wearing her wedding dress when officers placed her under arrest. Some media outlets that covered this story have made sarcastic references to a shotgun wedding or a veiled threat. That said, no one was harmed in this encounter at the motel, which was very fortunate for all concerned. The case now heads to a grand jury, local law enforcement authorities noted.

As this is a developing story, watch this space for updates about the bride who allegedly pulled a gun on her husband on their wedding day.

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