Big Update On Enzo Amore’s Alleged Backstage Heat, Is He Leaving ‘Monday Night RAW’ For NXT?

Will Enzo Amore’s backstage heat make him one of the main roster wrestlers rumored to be demoted to NXT as part of WWE”s fall Superstar Shake-up, or will he be headed back to developmental even before that? That’s the question many fans are asking in the light of new WWE rumors on the Monday Night RAW Superstar’s alleged issues with his colleagues and superiors.

Citing the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Wrestling Inc. wrote about a supposed incident that “broke the camel’s back,” as far as Enzo Amore’s backstage heat is concerned. The report claims that Amore, 30, was overheard speaking to someone on the phone, talking about things that may have been “negative about the wrestling business,” while also boasting to the person about how much money he made in the WWE.

The later allegation comes just a few days after reports claimed that Amore was making similar boasts to a nightclub worker after a Monday Night RAW house show last week. According to the Inquisitr, Enzo had purportedly claimed to be high on marijuana, and more than able to afford paying WWE’s Wellness Policy fines for pot use, while going on and on about his fame and fortune as a WWE Superstar, and refusing to give adequate tips to his companion and her co-workers.

While the above incident had supposedly taken place away from the workplace, Wrestling Inc. noted that talk of Enzo Amore having backstage heat is nothing new, as his well-documented incident with Roman Reigns was covered on a recent episode of the WWE Network show Bring it to the Table. In that episode, Monday Night RAW commentator Corey Graves claimed that he doesn’t like Amore as a person, mainly because Enzo acts “exactly like his character 24 hours a day,” annoying colleagues with his loud, brash behavior and constant tales about the people he parties with in Los Angeles, such as rapper The Weeknd.

In quotes from Bring it to the Table published by SEScoops, co-host John Bradshaw Layfield (JBL) warned that Enzo Amore’s apparent backstage heat might limit his upside in the WWE, as only a few young wrestlers with such unpopularity among co-workers can enjoy successful careers with the company.

“Most of those guys, except for The Miz, never made it. Once the locker room turned against these guys, they were sprayed with human repellent or whatever. They never made it. So the odds are completely against Enzo. I think he is very talented. I’ve had a good working relationship with him, but there are apparently a lot of problems with him and the rest of the world.”

Although both Graves and JBL suggested that Amore would be a good fit for WWE’s cruiserweight-centric show, 205 Live, the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, per Wrestling Inc., noted that Amore may be moved to NXT instead, so as to give WWE’s developmental brand a well-known main roster wrestler who could help drive attendance figures at house shows. It isn’t clear when such a move may take place, but there have been rumors of a WWE Superstar Shake-up taking place this fall, with some main roster wrestlers potentially getting busted down to NXT.

What are your thoughts on the recent rumors of Enzo Amore having backstage heat, and possibly leaving Monday Night RAW? Do you think he should move to the Cruiserweight Division and 205 Live, or would an NXT demotion do him better? Let us know in the comment section below.

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