Jamie Dornan Sheds Christian Grey To Churn Out Movies, Dakota Johnson Gets Glam On Gucci Bloom Promo

Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson have both been hustling in Hollywood ever since they wrapped up their commitments to make Fifty Shade movies. While the last one of the franchise, Fifty Shades Freed, has not been released yet, the couple does not have to shoot any more scenes for the movie. That means that Jamie Dornan will finally get to shed his reputation as Christian Grey to make more serious movies, and Dakota Johnson become that iconic fashionista in Hollywood.

Right now, the 35-year-old Irish actor is busy getting his career sorted out in Los Angeles. After touching down on the west coast without his wife Amelia Warner or his kids, he was seen going from meeting to meeting with his agent.

“Donning a scruffy white shirt and even scruffier facial hair, the actor decided to keep things casual as he headed to business meetings with his agent,” reports Metro. “Not sure Christian Grey would approve too much of the jeans and trainers to talk business, but we definitely do.”

Despite the fact that he has two baby daughters, and a wife, who is switching her career from being an actress to soundtrack composer, Jamie still is set on becoming the great actor he alway wanted to be. His next big project will be to portray Will Scarlet in the next Robin Hood movie, according to IMDB.

His Fifty Shades co-star Dakota Johnson is also working hard to get more serious in Hollywood. RIght now, she is drawing more attention as a model rather than an actress. She just scored a Gucci Bloom campaign with a bunch of other famous fashion figures, which shows that she certainly has the looks to go into high fashion.

“Photographer Petra Collins, model Hari Nef and actress Dakota Johnson star in the Glen Luchford-shot campaign, donned head-to-toe in Gucci for creative director and perfect hair owner Alessandro Michele’s first women’s fragrance,” reports Paper Magazine.

In attempts to shed her Fifty Shades persona, the 27-year-old actress deleted almost all the pictures off her Instagram this spring. She used to keep a pretty active account, detailing her misadventures with celebrity friends like Cara Delevingne, Taylor Swift and more. However, ever since breaking up with her boyfriend Matthew Hitt, she removed all the photos revealing her personal life.

[Featured Image by Vianney Le Caer/AP Images]