Mariah Carey’s Troubled Sister Sued For $2 Million, While Carey Continues To Be Body-Shamed

Mariah Carey lives a glamorous life and carries on as the diva she is, which she has undoubtedly earned due to her incredible talent as a singer and songwriter. Lately, however, Carey’s performances and weight gain have been the subject of much criticism, and many fans are wondering what is going on with the singer.

Although her latest strange behavior onstage may be linked to the demise of her relationship with billionaire beau James Packer and the fact that the business tycoon called off their engagement, it seems unlikely, seeing as Mariah has moved on swiftly in a romance with Bryan Tanaka. So what can it be?

It is interesting that coinciding with Carey’s unenthusiastic performances is more trouble in the life of her sister, Alison, who is an addict and HIV positive. The sibling of the superstar has been arrested in the past for alleged prostitution and has made her appeals to Carey for help public knowledge.

Although there has been little reported in recent months about Allison’s current circumstance, the latest news is that the elder sister is now being sued for $2 million for injuring someone in an accident. The Daily Mail shared details from the court documents about the recent happenings.

The documents filed by the plaintiff’s legal team state that Alison failed to “keep her motor vehicle on her own side of the roadway…negligently and carelessly crossing over into the portion of the roadway on which the plaintiff was operating his vehicle.”

The plaintiff is Long Island native Joe Criscione, who also claims that the accident left him “lame and disabled” and therefore prevented him from working for a year. Criscione also alleges that Alison Carey was “driving drunk,” although there is no record of a DUI in the accident report.

Interestingly enough, Mariah’s sister responded to the suit, claiming ignorance and stating that she does not know what happened. The publication notes additional details.

“She responded to the lawsuit claiming she has ‘no knowledge or information sufficient enough to form a belief’ as to the allegations against her. In fact, Carey’s attorney argued she acted in self-defense as she was ‘suddenly confronted with, and was called upon to act in, an emergency situation not created by [her] own acts.”

Whether Alison has anything to do with Mariah’s current aloof presence while performing is unclear, however, it’s likely not helping Mariah’s confidence any that she is currently regularly being shamed by trolls on social media regarding recent weight gain.

Allure notes that there have been some nasty comments made on the star’s Instagram account lately, one of which reads “Mariah, you need to lose some weight cause your starting to look like a whale.”

Fans of the star are steadily coming to her defense, yet this just goes to show that people can be cruel.

[Featured Image by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images]