Torrei Hart Still Taking Shots At Amber Rose, Says Muva Should Not ‘Do Interviews Drunk’

Torrei Hart had nothing nice to say recently when Amber Rose commented about the level of beauty that is typical of Philly girls. Being one herself, Torrei obviously took Amber’s comment personally, and she’s still not happy about it, even though Muva tried to make amends.

In a new interview with the Domenick Nati Show, Torrei Hart was asked about Amber Rose and her comments about Philly girls not being “traditionally attractive.” Obviously, the comment struck a nerve with Kevin Hart’s ex-wife. She was quick to strike back at Amber’s comment.

After dealing a swift “No comment!” on the Kevin Hart cheating allegations, Torrei moved on to talk about Amber, and she had plenty of comments on that situation.

Torrei made it clear that she and Amber are not friends. She also revealed that she never reached out personally to speak with Amber about the comments, and Amber hasn’t contacted her either.

“After that story dropped, a lot of Philly girls were reaching out to me saying thank you for standing up for our city. Thank you for standing up for us,” Torrei explained. “We feel like [Amber] let us down.”

Torrei Hart then talked about a 12-year old girl who recently sent her a message after hearing what Amber Rose had to say. The girl is from Philadelphia and recently moved to Atlanta to further her own music career. In the Instagram post below, you can see exactly what she said to Torrei about the way Amber Rose’s comments made her feel.

Torrei was quick to point out that Amber Rose touts women empowerment with her annual SlutWalk and pretty much everything else that she does. So to put down other women from her own city and insinuate that the women from Philly aren’t as pretty as she is just isn’t going to fly.

Hart was quick to remind everyone that Amber started out as a Philly stripper, and that’s how she was discovered. Torrei suggested that Muva humble herself and remember her roots. She warned Amber Rose to “watch the words that you choose or don’t do interviews drunk.”

Be sure to check out the rest of Torrei Hart’s interview with Domenick Nati below to see what she says about plastic surgery and to find out which reality show wanted her to join the cast.

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