This 7-Year-Old's Mom Dresses Her Daughter In Heels, Hair Extensions, And Sparkly Midriff Outfits

Jenna Eastland of Newton Aycliffe in County Durham is convinced her youngest daughter Layla is destined for show business, and has already spent thousands of pounds preparing her seven-year-old daughter for fame.

The Daily Mail reported that Jenna and her daughter recently appeared on This Morning and were questioned by presenter Ruth Langsford as to the appropriateness of Layla's pink sparkly outfit which was cut away to reveal her stomach.

Jenna explained that it's Layla, not her, who is chasing stardom, but many viewers accused Jenna of sexualizing her daughter, saying it was wrong for Layla to be "dressed like Katie Price." Layla, now known as Layla Belle, does her hair and makeup every single day, while her mother says she is happy to spend whatever it takes on cosmetics, fake tans, and skimpy outfits to ensure her daughter realizes her dream of being famous. Jenna believes Layla would be a "great reality TV star."

While Ruth Langsford questioned Layla Belle's outfit of a skimpy crop top and white denim shorts, Jenna insisted there is something wrong with people who think her daughter is being sexualized. Jenna said she would happily let Layla dress this way every day.

Viewers were horrified, suggesting Layla was "dressed like Katie Price."

Ruth asked about Layla makeup, including lipstick and mascara, as well as her outfit.

"This crop top, is it part of doing the dance, or would you let her dress like that every day?"
"I'd let her dress like that everyday," responded Jenna.

"Do you not think that what she is wearing is too adult?," queried Ruth.

"I know she is very athletic, I think she looks beautiful," said Jenna.

"I've had comments like, 'Oh you're a pedophile enabler.' But if you're looking at my little girl in that way then I think there's something wrong with you, not Layla."
Many viewers took to social media to criticize her approach, while viewers at home said Layla's outfit was completely inappropriate, saying she looked more like a teenager and that her "fame-hungry" mother was the one doing the pushing.

"I think it's wrong getting a [7]-year old dressed like Katie Price," said one viewer.

"Parents who make their little kids up to look like teenagers are disgusting."
"That poor child, dolled up like a tart and looking very uncomfortable," added a third.
During the interview, Layla appeared nervous and barely spoke, but Jenna said she believes her daughter would make a great reality star because she is hard-working and not spoiled.

"She's a bit overwhelmed today I think," Jenna explained. "On the train yesterday she was shouting, 'Jerry Maguire show me the money!' She got free drinks, and she was like, 'Yeah I've got free drinks now I'm famous.'"

Jenna said that Layla never leaves the house without doing her hair and makeup and that she is more than happy to spend a fortune on cosmetics and costumes for Layla.

Family photographs show Layla posing in hair extensions, full makeup, and midriff-baring costumes, but Jenna insists there is nothing wrong with the way her daughter looks.

"Layla's got a six pack so she loves wearing belly tops and shorts."
Jenna admitted that she knows people think "it's too young," but says that "it's just Layla."
"I get abuse all the time saying I'm sexualizing her, but I think that if people think that then there's something sadly wrong with them even thinking that about a kid."
Layla, who is homeschooled, regularly attends beauty pageants and dance competitions, often wearing sparkly costumes that her mother says cost "a fortune." Jenna said that Layla has the mindset of an adult and that, instead of playing with toys, she would rather experiment with beauty products. Jenna even admitted that Layla has started to change her diet.
"She only eats the white of eggs because she saw on YouTube it's better for you and she likes yoga and ice tea."
According to Ten Eyewitness News, Jenna Eastland claimed she's simply supporting her daughter's dreams of becoming famous because she's "bored of real life."

Layla Belle wears a full face of makeup, fake eyelashes, hair extensions, high heels, and costumes which flaunt her midriff because her mother believes she was "born into something special."

According to reports, Layla is preparing to represent the U.K. at Junior Model International and Miss Superglobe to be held in India next month. It has also been reported Layla has her own Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube accounts, and that the little girl has been wearing makeup since she was 1 year old.

Her mother said that Layla is not interested in playing with toys or her friends at the park.
"She has always been mature for her age and loved to pose. It was apparent from a young age, I'd get my camera out and she would just instantly pose without any prompt. She just wants to be famous and has the mindset of an adult. For her birthday, she told me she wanted a boat ride with dinner on the boat."
When questioned whether it really was Layla's dream and not hers, Jenna insisted that it wasn't her own dream.

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