Michelle Obama ‘Pity Party’ Pushed Back To Reality By James Woods?

Michelle Obama gave a moving speech last week about the racism she endured as the first African-American woman to become First Lady of the nation. Many people applauded her on sharing what she called scars that were cut with the “shards” of that broken glass ceiling. There is another side of the story today as James Woods steps in to share his reality about Michelle Obama’s suffering through the lavish vacations on “our dime.”

Woods, who is a very accomplished award-winning actor, appearing in iconic films like the “Deer Hunter,” and “Straw Dogs,” seems to have very little patience for “Obama drama,” suggests BizPacReview. They also suggest Woods is far from alone in his thoughts regarding Michelle and Barack Obama, made evident by the people commenting on Wood’s latest Twitter post.

James Woods tweeted, “What? One personal 747 and 32 assistants weren’t enough for her eight-year vacation on your dime?” That tweet seemed to open the flood gate when it came to people seeing things regarding the Obama’s just as Woods sees it. Sarcastically, BizPacReview reports that Michelle Obama found life a huge struggle as she traveled, hosted world leaders and had every one of her needs met for her while the first lady of the nation.

Michelle “whined about the challenges to an adoring crowd at a women’s forum in Denver last month,” writes BizzPacReview. They also accused her of “playing the race card — again.” Woods hit a chord with many people when he tweeted what reports are calling his “brutal dose of reality” about Michelle Obama suffering through all the luxuries awarded her by the job.

According to Conservative Fighters, it took only one sentence from James Woods to “shut down Michelle Obama’s pity party,” which appeared in his tweet. Woods has been very active in calling the shots as he sees them, and he has quite the following of like-minded thinkers. He’s not shy when it comes to Hillary Clinton either, as seen in the tweet below.

The social media site users made way for their opinions with many backing up what Woods had to say. One Twitter user, Covefefe Craig, called Michelle Obama “our very own Marie Antionette, as crass and clueless as ever.” Sherry Sabelle hopped on Twitter to sarcastically deliver, “We all have our cross to bear.”

A Twitter user named Brandon took it a step further and said, “That staged trip to Target was the most horrific struggle Michelle had to endure. I’m sure it was hell acting like one of the common folk.”

Another Twitter user said that you hadn’t experienced a struggle until you’ve “tried eating a Michelle Obama school lunch,” which is what Hugh Whyte Walker suggested on Twitter. The comments went on and on under Woods’ tweet, with most of them backing Woods’ remark.

People reminisced about Michelle and Barack’s hobnobbing with the Hollywood and music greats, which they are still doing after they’ve left the White House. They reminded the masses how Michelle came into the White House saying that it was “the first time” she was proud to be an American when her husband was voted in.

Others saw money signs through her complaints, saying “The Obama’s were worth $2 million coming into office, going out of office they are worth $12 million.” Chet Wittkin writes on Twitter, “What’s up with that” and “How did that happen.”

The Conservative Fighters suggest that Michelle Obama is a woman who has it all. She’s healthy, wealthy and attractive. She is the most educated first lady the nation has ever seen, with her ivy-league diplomas. She has two beautiful daughters and a husband who appears to adore her. This is so much more than most have today. Some deciphered Woods’ tweet as suggesting she may need slightly thicker skin if she believes she’s had a rough time of it.

As an undergrad, Michelle Obama complained about similar racism in her thesis, and she seemed to carry that theme with her during her entire life, suggests Conservative Fighters. They suggest Michelle may want to start speaking up more about all the wonderful things life has awarded her “rather than continuing bemoaning her experiences with racism.”

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