'Big Brother 19' Spoilers: Kevin Admits to Cheating? Eviction Night Plans And Live Feeds Update

Here are Big Brother 19 spoilers for tonight's live eviction episode on CBS at 9 p.m. on Thursday, August 3. First, it doesn't seem like there will be an eviction at all. Second, we will no doubt see Jessica play the Halting Hex to save herself and Cody from eviction from the BB19 house. Paul tried to tempt Jessica to let Cody go and save her hex for later, but her affection for Cody overcame Paul's silver tongue. Here is what to expect on tonight's Big Brother episode.

Veto ceremony, (no) eviction, then HoH comp

The first thing we can expect to see on tonight's BB19 episode is the veto ceremony where Paul saves Jason and leaves Jessica and Cody on the block to face the music. Next will be Jessica's Halting Hex play, which will preempt any voting and turn this into a non-eviction night.

The next thing should be the new HoH comp with Paul ineligible to play because he already enjoyed a full week as HOH, even though he didn't get to evict anyone. Paul knows it's coming and is prepared. He won't get to evict Cody, but at least Paul flushed the hex advantage and forced Jessica to play it.

The week 6 HoH comp is everything

With the bulk of the Big Brother house now targeting Jessica over Cody, it's critical that one of the two wins the Head of Household competition. Secondary to the over-affectionate and volatile showmance, Mark needs a win, since he and Elena are next in line behind "Jody" as targets.

On the Wednesday, August 2 episode, Paul branded himself the #showmancekiller, and he's about to make good on that promise. As for who Jessica and Cody may target if one of them wins, Jessica has set her sights on Alex. Jessica even tried to barter Alex's eviction in exchange for Cody's eviction, so BB19 fans know there's animosity there.

Putt putt for your Big Brother life

The Big Brother 19 houseguests were given time to practice a putt-putt type challenge, so we can expect that to be at the heart of the HoH challenge as we know that BB production never makes things easy. The course they're practicing on now will be nothing near as challenging as what they see in tonight's real HoH comp.

The BB19 live feeds showed Jessica was frustrated with the HoH practice session and believes she won't win. Jessica seems to think they might wind up on the block in week six but says they need to play (and win) the temptation comp as well as the veto comp. What the showmance doesn't know is that most of the house is planning to play in the temptation comp to shut them down.

Paul's making plans

Last night's BB live feeds, reported by Big Brother Network, showed Paul and crew planning to disrupt Jessica and Cody's sleep so they would be tired and distracted for the next HoH comp. Alex seems to know that she's a target and fears that she or Paul will go home if their allies don't win HoH, and she can't win the veto comp.

Also last night, Paul decided to recruit Matt to give it one last chance to try and convince Jessica not to use the Halting Hex. The problem is, as far as the BB19 HGs know, this is the last eviction before jury. Jessica might be willing to send Cody home to save her game, but only if she gets to be with him after her eviction, assuming she doesn't make it to the end.

Other late night live feeds updates

Some other fun stuff happened late last night on the Big Brother live feeds aside from game play and strategy talk. According to info from Jokers Updates, Paul had a back pimple that his minions took care of for him, Kevin and Christmas continued bonding over their mutual dislike of Raven, and Paul played practical jokes. Josh's bed got the plastic wrap treatment, and HGs scared each other.

Also on the Big Brother 19 live feeds last night, Paul and Alex worked on Josh to make sure they have him under control. Also of interest is that Kevin spent a lot of time checking out Christmas later in the evening, and the Boston stay-at-home dad gave lessons on how to cheat without getting caught to Mark and Josh. You have to wonder what Kevin's wife will think if she sees that footage.

Be sure to watch Big Brother 19 tonight, Thursday, August 3, live at 9 p.m. on CBS and check back often for more BB19 spoilers.

[Featured Image by Cliff Lipson/CBS]