Blake Shelton Reportedly Approves Of Miranda Lambert’s New Romance, But Prefers Gwen Stefani’s Bikini Body

Ever since Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert divorced, rumors have swirled about the status of their relationship, especially after Blake started dating Gwen Stefani and Miranda began a new romance with Anderson East. Were Shelton and Lambert enemies or frenemies? Now, a new report comes in the wake of claims that Lambert and East are on the verge of tying the knot, and it supposedly reveals the true status of how Blake and Miranda feel about each other months after their divorce became final.

Hollywood Life told readers that Shelton is “totally psyched” that Lambert has found love again in her life, and that the famous country crooner has given his ex-wife’s romance with her new beau his approval, reportedly feeling happy that she’s found love after their divorce.

“Miranda Lambert and Anderson East’s relationship has gotten an important stamp of approval. Blake Shelton is totally psyched!”

Of course Miranda and Anderson don’t exactly require Shelton’s “stamp of approval” in order to get a marriage license and march down the aisle. But as Hollywood Life pointed out, Blake’s alleged support for Lambert’s new romance shows that even in the hot spotlight of the music industry, which can make celebrity relationships extra complicated (especially ones involving splits), former spouses can become buddies.

As for what Miranda and her new beau are planning for the wedding day and whether Shelton and Gwen Stefani will be on the wedding guest list, Lambert and East haven’t even gotten engaged yet. But according to Hollywood Life, Miranda and Anderson will be getting engaged sooner rather than later. And once Lambert is ready to slip into that sure-to-be gorgeous wedding dress and tie the knot with East, she can do so knowing that she has Blake’s support, according to the media outlet.

“[Miranda has] got the support of her former love, Blake Shelton, if she’s ready to walk down the aisle.”

In addition, an insider quoted by Hollywood Life revealed that as far as Lambert and Shelton’s own relationship is concerned, it has become “much better” for the two former spouses.

“Blake is very supportive of Miranda,” added the source.

Miranda Lambert's romance with Anderson East reportedly earned Blake Shelton's stamp of approval.

The support from Shelton reportedly follows a period after their divorce where he and Lambert allegedly weren’t exactly friends. The alleged issues between Blake and Miranda reportedly resulted from the fact that Shelton didn’t wait long after the divorce before hooking up with Gwen Stefani.

But although it took Lambert more time than Shelton to find love once more, now Blake and Miranda are both reportedly happy, healthy, and willing to forgive and forget. And that’s perfect timing, with Lambert reportedly ready to take her romantic relationship with Anderson to the next level by getting married.

Blake Shelton reportedly prefers Gwen Stefani's stunning figure to Miranda Lambert's body.

As for whether Blake and Gwen will be invited to the wedding, it’s not publicly known. And because Miranda and Anderson haven’t yet made an official announcement about the possibility of becoming engaged, it’s likely to be a wait before details are unveiled about who is on (and off) the wedding guest list.

With all these claims that Shelton is feeling so supportive of Miranda, should his girlfriend, Gwen Stefani, feel threatened? Not according to the International Business Times, which told readers that when it comes to Blake’s preferences, he’s on Team Gwen rather than Team Miranda.

Stefani recently flaunted her bikini body, and Shelton reportedly is a big fan of Gwen’s fab abs, reportedly especially when compared to his former wife’s body. An insider quoted by the International Business Times dished up the details on Blake’s alleged preferences.

“As beautiful as Miranda [Lambert] is, Blake feels like Gwen is even sexier.”

Stefani is the mother of three sons, and the source also claimed that Shelton feels amazed by how great Gwen’s figure appears after three babies. Moreover, according to the insider, Blake believes that when he compares Stefani not just to Miranda but to all the women who he has ever dated, it’s Gwen who ranks as “the hottest chick of his dating career.”

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