Kim Ki Duk, Award-Winning Director Accused Of Assault, Forced Actress To Do Unscripted Sex Scene In ‘Moebius’

Kim Ki Duk, a popular South Korean film director, has been accused of assault for allegedly slapping and forcing an actress to do a sex scene that was not in the script. The abuse was said to have taken place on the set of the 2013 film Moebius.

According to the Yonhap News Agency, the actress, whose name was withheld for privacy, claimed that the director hurled invectives and insulted her while filming the incest-themed movie.

She added that Kim hit her in the face while on the set and forced her to film a sex scene she did not agree to and was not in the script. To justify his actions, the actress narrated that Kim Ki Duk told her it was all just part of an acting lesson.

The actress’ harassment and abuse claims are now being investigated after she opened up about her experience and finally filed a complaint. Subsequently, the Seoul Central District Prosecutors’ office ordered a criminal probe involving the award-winning filmmaker on Thursday, August 3.

The unnamed actress also reported her case to the Federation of Korea Movie Workers’ Union and told them that for many years, she suffered from “psychological pain” due to her horrible experience. One of the union’s administrators mentioned that the star eventually dropped out of Moebius, and Lee Eun Woo replaced her for the role.

Lee Eun Woo

An official from the prosecutor’s office stated that the director would be questioned, however, they have not decided on the date yet. In response to the investigation, Kim’s side said that the allegations are groundless. They refused to answer calls for further comment on the matter.

Kim Ki Duk is one of the most popular filmmakers in South Korea. He was widely recognized after winning top prizes at various international movie festivals. Moreover, the director is most well-known for his film Pieta, which won the Grand Award at the Venice Film Festival in 2012.

Moebius Cast and Kim Ki Duk

While Kim Ki Duk’s films have always garnered exceptionally good feedback from film critics and reviewers, many movie enthusiasts — particularly women — find them disturbing due to extreme violence and bizarre depictions of rape, sex, and relationships.

Moebius presents a dark story about a dysfunctional family. It was initially banned in South Korea as it features controversial scenes that were deemed obscene, the Hollywood Reporter reported.

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