‘Big Brother 19’ Spoilers: Live Feeds Present Paranoia As ‘BB19’ House Prepares For Halting Hex Use

Big Brother 19 spoilers come from the live feeds early Thursday morning (August 3) as the houseguests discuss the Halting Hex. The BB19 house is filled with paranoia, as the only houseguest who truly knows what the Halting Hex will do is Jessica Graf. Even she may not know what comes up after she uses it, though, setting up a very intriguing eviction episode on Thursday night. The BB19 live feeds have definitely been packed with a lot of drama over the past week and that might just continue into next week as well.

Again there was a discussion of a possible double eviction taking place on Thursday night, with Cody Nickson spurring that conversation. He thinks that the golf competition that the BB19 house is practicing right now indicates that. While his line of thinking doesn’t seem to make a lot of sense, it underscores a lot of the paranoia that has taken over this season. If he is experiencing any stress about the next 24 hours, though, it isn’t showing, as Cody and Jessica Graf were acting happy and playful in the storage room on Big Brother: After Dark.

A report by fan site Joker’s Updates furthers these Big Brother 19 spoilers, noting that Elena Davies was also talking about a possible double eviction, but that she noted it would be difficult to pull off this week. She feels that it will take place next week after the final temptation and its curse have been played out. When Jessica Graf uses the Halting Hex, that will bring an end to that particular wrinkle in the game this summer.

There is also a lot of new paranoia about the Halting Hex, as the BB19 house realizes that the clock is ticking down to it being used on Thursday night. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, current Head of Household Paul Abrahamian forced the hand of Jessica Graf, who will be using her temptation at the next Eviction Ceremony. Jessica and Cody Nickson are very displeased that she has to use the secret power to keep them in the game, but that is the corner that they painted themselves into by sitting out the Temptation Competition.

Social media has seen a lot of Big Brother 19 rumors about what happens once Jessica uses the Halting Hex, but production and host Julie Chen haven’t revealed those exact answers yet. The way that the August 2 episode came to an end could be a heavy hint, though, as production has to show the Week 5 Veto Ceremony before they can even get to the new footage of the show. That leaves very little time for the “live” show and likely also rules out any potential double evictions. But then again, fans have always been taught to expect the unexpected.

For CBS viewers checking in to find out Big Brother 19 spoilers that didn’t make it to the episodes yet, Paul Abrahamian did use the Power of Veto this week. Faced with Jessica turning down a deal to make a move against Cody if the BB19 cast promised to target Alex Ow next week, Paul didn’t have very many options heading into the Veto Ceremony. What he decided to do was save Jason Dent from the block, eliminating any shenanigans at the vote and leaving just Jessica Graf and Cody Nickson at risk of going home.

Now that everyone knows the Halting Hex is going to get used, paranoia has consumed most of the BB19 house. There is a lot of fear that Jessica hasn’t told the houseguests about something else that could happen during the Eviction Ceremony and there is also a worry that when she saves herself and Cody that it could put someone else at risk of going home. If all of the latest Big Brother 19 spoilers predict anything about what will happen on August 3, it is that nobody is going home this week and that the house is about to hit the reset button.

[Featured Image by Vince Bucci/Getty Images]