‘Alaskan Bush People’ News: Ami Brown’s Brother Reaches Out Via Facebook, Slams Billy For ‘Isolating’ Ami

While the Alaskan Bush People family is asking fans to pray for mom Ami Brown as she battles advanced lung cancer, her own brother laments that he can’t send his messages directly to Ami. Les Branson, Ami’s estranged older brother, has not spoken to Ami for more than 38 years and is desperate for a reconnection now that Ami is gravely ill.

However, Les claims that Billy Brown won’t let his family talk to Ami, much less see her. As such, Les went on social media as a last ditch attempt to contact his sister. Les Branson is part of the Facebook fan group The Alaskan Bush People – The Facts – The Fair. On Wednesday, he posted a lengthy message for Ami Brown, hoping it would somehow reach her.

“In the end I have only Facebook to send a message, hoping somehow Ami will know that we cannot even write her as she suggested, and to tell her how much we still love her, and how much we have missed her, and how sorry we are we couldn’t do more.”

Les Branson explained that he and his family members have been writing to Ami for almost four decades but have not gotten any response. He claimed that Billy must have blocked their letters and “isolated” Ami all these years.

“Billy wanted Ami all to himself. He wanted to isolate Ami and keep her from her family and he has successfully done so for 38 years.”

Now that Ami has been diagnosed with a terminal disease, Les is hoping that Billy would allow her to make peace with her family. To make matters worse, their own mother, Eugene Branson, is “in anguish” upon learning of her Ami’s cancer. Eugene is now 84 years old and is suffering from Alzheimer’s.

Given the dire circumstances, Les Branson is hoping for a family reunion before it’s too late. However, he is not entirely optimistic. According to him, he has heard reports of how Billy is mistreating Ami.

“To see my sister Ami in pain on national television, and to hear from many Alaskans how Billy has treated Ami those 38 years, has caused me many a sleepless night.”

Ami Brown’s Feud With Family

In 1979, Ami left her family to marry Billy at the age of 15. Since then, she hasn’t seen nor spoken her relatives. Billy and Ami then decided to live independently, raising their seven children in the Alaskan wilderness.

In Alaskan Bush People, Ami is seen as a caring and doting mother, even now that all her kids are grown. It is difficult for fans to understand how she can be a loving mom and yet turn her back on her own family. However, it is not publicly known why Ami has decided to distance herself from her mother and siblings.

In his memoir, Billy described Ami’s early years as severely difficult, Radar Online reported. According to him, Ami grew up “dirt poor” and that her father was physically abusive. Her parents later separated when she was eight years old. Ami’s brother Les vehemently denied Billy’s allegations and accused him of twisting Ami’s childhood memories.

Follow Ami’s ongoing battle with cancer on Alaskan Bush People, airing every Wednesday, 9 p.m. on Discovery.

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