‘LPBW’ Update: Matt Roloff Posts Baby J’s Coolest Photo To Date As He Shares More Details On Molly’s Wedding

Little People, Big World star Matt Roloff’s recent Facebook and Instagram feeds have mostly been saturated by two things — videos and photos of his grandchild and pictures showing preparations for his daughter Molly’s upcoming wedding. Matt’s latest social media activity featured both, revealing what could only be baby Jackson’s most adorable photo to date and a stunningly picturesque garden being prepared for Molly’s wedding.

There is no doubt that the Roloff patriarch and Little People, Big World star is head-over-heels with Baby J. Considering Jackson’s pleasant disposition and his ridiculously cute appearance, many of Matt’s followers on Facebook have stated that it is no surprise to see the Roloff patriarch completely gushing over his first grandchild.

Matt’s recent social media upload featured Jackson looking at his granddad’s camera. True to Baby J’s character, Zach and Tori Roloff’s first child looked like he was completely calm and relaxed. Adding to the child’s already overflowing cuteness factor was a pair of sunglasses, which all but made Jackson look dapper and incredibly cool. Even Matt could not help but notice this, as he captioned the photo with the line “Forget about it!! Spoken in a deep raspy voice.”

Unsurprisingly, Matt’s latest upload has been received extremely warmly by the LPBW community, with many remarking that Jackson seems to be growing really well. Many have also taken notice of the fact that Baby J appears to be extremely confident and content in the photo.

“Lol!!! In order to make that statement stick, he needs a gangster jacket and some jeans! Alternatively, a pinstripe suit!!!! Lol lol He is a cutie!!!!!” one commenter wrote.

“That kid is going to have a heck of a personality. Can’t wait to see the little guy on the show. There are not any shows that we have been able to see generation after generation grow up in front of us,” wrote another.

Baby Jackson Roloff has been the center of attention among fans of Little People, Big World for months now. Born earlier this year, Baby J is a little person like his father and grandparents, though he shares his dad’s achondroplasia, the most common form of dwarfism. Despite the medical condition, however, Jackson has so far proven to be a baby that is healthy, adorable and most importantly, genuinely happy.

Apart from Baby J’s latest photo, Matt also shared an image of a wild flower patch that he intends to convert into a pathway for Molly’s upcoming wedding. According to Matt’s caption on the picture, the beautiful wild flower field will be used as a track for guests on his daughter’s big day.

“I love it when a plan comes together. This wild flower patch is coming to full bloom just in time for Molly’s wedding day. Plan is to mow a path way right down the middle and into the forest grove. All her guest (sic) will be able to stroll to the ceremony amongst the flowers. Gonna be amazing!! Love my Molly girl.”

The photo has been lauded by the reality TV star’s followers, with many stating that the flower fields would no doubt make Molly’s wedding seem almost magical. Looking at the image that Matt uploaded, it definitely appears like Molly’s big day would look like an event straight out of a story book.

“This will be amazing for Molly’s wedding. Looks amazing!!” one commenter wrote.

“Absolutely beautiful. Will make for a perfect backdrop for Molly’s special day,” wrote another commenter.

Matt Roloff and his family are featured in Little People, Big World, which is expected to return on TLC later this year.

[Featured Image by Matt Roloff/Facebook]