Briana DeJesus Fans ‘Glad’ She Kept Baby As The ‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Shares Photos Of Stella

The newest Teen Mom 2 star took to social media to celebrate her newborn turning 1-month-old this week. Briana DeJesus shared a photo of baby Stella Star wearing a birthday bow as she stated she can’t believe it’s already been one month since she gave birth to her second daughter.

Little Stella is seen mid-cry with her mouth open and eyes closed as she apparently does not agree with taking birthday month photos. She wears a plain white onesie in addition to her colorful birthday bow as her photo received almost 20,000 likes.

While Briana has posted a handful of photos of her youngest daughter this past month, her followers are still bringing up the fact the Teen Mom 2 star contemplated having an abortion before discussing giving Stella up for adoption.

Briana’s Instagram followers sounded off in the comment section of her latest post as they stated they’re glad she decided to keep the baby.

“She’s darling! Glad you decided to keep her. She is a blessing!”

Another commenter stated it was irresponsible of DeJesus to even think about not keeping her unborn daughter as she has been a single mother for years now. They ended their comment by saying it appears Briana “finally grew up” as she chose to give birth to Stella.

But the comments did not end there as one Instagram user congratulated DeJesus on deciding to keep her second baby as Stella will be even more motivation for the young mother.

“…congratulations on you[r] baby girl!!!! I’m super excited that you kept your bundle of joy and you’ll see that she would only be one more REASON one more PUSH IN LIFE…”

DeJesus admitted she first thought about having an abortion after finding out she was pregnant again, reported Hollywood Life. Briana was still pregnant when she found out her ex-boyfriend Luis, Stella’s father, was cheating

The 23-year-old then sat down with her ex to talk about placing their unborn baby up for adoption, according to People magazine. Of course, Briana decided to keep Stella after talking it over with Luis, who stated he wanted to be a part of their baby’s life and offered his support.

Teen Mom fans may recall the mother of two discussing aborting her first daughter, Nova, while starring on MTV’s 16 & Pregnant as well. Her older sister, Brittany, went through with an abortion as the two sisters became pregnant around the same time in 2012.

Briana shares Nova, who is now 5, with ex Devoin Austin. Their relationship played out on-screen as the couple broke things off shortly after she became pregnant.

It may not come as a shock to some to learn DeJesus almost did not have either of her babies as her rocky romances air on television. However, it appears fans are glad the reality star decided to not go through with adoption after all.

[Featured Image by Briana DeJesus/Instagram]