‘Dragon Age’ Producer Considers Adding Character Creator To ‘Dragon Age Keep’ App For Importing Custom Heroes

While developing Dragon Age: Inquisition, BioWare developers were presented with the challenge of how to make the game recognize various decisions that players made during the first two entries of the popular fantasy franchise. Before Inquisition, sequels to BioWare titles would simply check for a previous save file to import specific game states based on fans’ actions.

However, since the third installment of the Dragon Age series was the first BioWare game to appear on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, the development team could not simply have the game import saves as no previous data would be available on the new generation of consoles. To remedy this, BioWare created the Dragon Age Keep app that lets fans rebuild their unique world states by answering a series of questions to recreate the choices made during past Dragon Age games.

While the Dragon Age Keep can track individual story elements that occurred throughout the series, the app is not capable of knowing what custom heroes looked like. This means that the protagonist of Dragon Age II featured a generic appearance by default during Hawke’s cameo in Inquisition even though players could have visually customized the character to look very different. Players had the option to customize Hawke again while playing Inquisition, but there was no way to import the character’s appearance from Dragon Age II directly.

Thankfully, fans might eventually be able to import their custom Dragon Age characters into future titles. Possibly looking to expand the functionality of the Keep app, Dragon Age series executive producer Mark Darrah recently revealed to fans on Twitter that he has considered adding a character creator to the Dragon Age Keep so that players could upload specific appearances of their own unique heroes.

The Dragon Age series second main character known as Hawke, The Champion of Kirkwall

While Darrah admitted to giving the option some thought, he also confirmed that there currently are not any definitive plans to add the feature at this moment. However, the Dragon Age producer hinted that the team has already looked into how a character creator could be linked to the Dragon Age Keep app. According to Darrah, any technical issues that would prevent them from linking a creator to the app could be fixed.

The ability to import custom characters is probably a big concern now more than ever. As the developer begins work on the next Dragon Age game, the team is likely facing another dilemma if they want the Inquisitor to appear in future titles. Unlike Hawke, players could select between several fantasy races for the protagonist of Dragon Age: Inquisition. Having a way for fans to recreate the hero on the Dragon Age Keep would prevent the developer from having to use a generic replacement again in the future.

Dragon Age: Inquisition featured several playable races, such as Qunari

Even if the Dragon Age Keep does eventually get a character creator, fans should not expect to see the option to recreate the protagonist of the series’ first game since the original hero is being retired from the narrative. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, the creative director of Dragon Age recently discussed why the Hero of Ferelden from Dragon Age: Origins will not be appearing again in any future titles.

[Featured Image by BioWare]