Scaramucci To ‘Go Dark’ — Denies Affair And Claims He Tried To See Newborn Son Sooner

For 250 hours during July 2017, Anthony Scaramucci infiltrated the Trump administration via an invite from President Trump and a title handed to him as the White House Communications Director. With that said, Scaramucci didn’t let a day go by without showing up in headline news. The headlines he conjured up weren’t for something ingenious he planned to help “Make America Great Again,” the headlines were about his antics.

Scaramucci’s short-lived position ended with all signs of animation drained from his face and just after he stood quietly while Donald Trump introduced the new White House Chief, General John Kelly. CNN News writes, with “hands thrust into pockets and a new government ID badge strung around his neck, Scaramucci watched stone-faced as Trump offered an effusive welcome to his new chief of staff, John Kelly.

Scaramucci was considered the “first victim” of General Kelly’s plan to “impose discipline on a wayward and warring White House staff,” according to CNN. When Scaramucci was reportedly escorted off the White House premises after his title of White House Communications Director was stripped from him. This started the rumors swirling as to why he was gone.

Most were led to believe it was Scaramucci’s vulgarity-laced “off the record” interview that he had with a writer from the New Yorker, Ryan Lizzie, that did him in. Others thought it was Scaramucci opposing the fact that he needed to report to General Kelly that had a hand in his departure and some believed it was a little bit of both.

The Mercury News cites reports from various mainstream media sites that suggested Scaramucci’s demise was due to “unsavory reports” regarding Scaramucci’s personal life. This including a rumored relationship with Kimberlyely Guilfoyle of Fox News.

Mercury News suggests that Scaramucci “had also become a distraction and therefore a concern for President Donald Trump, who doesn’t like his subordinates stealing attention from him.” Still, the official word was that Scaramucci resigned.

This is the tweet that supposedly started it all. Ryan Lizza tweeted this news that was “leaked,” according to Scaramucci. Up until this point, the dinner wasn’t public knowledge.

The next morning Oliva Nuzzi from the New York Magazine tweeted the first mention of Kimberly Guilfoyle also being at this dinner. Nuzzi tweets,

Scaramucci said in the first interview since departing the White House that his marriage to Deidre Ball was having problems for quite some time. He said that despite the two being separated, he had intended to be present for the birth of his son. The baby wasn’t due until August 9, but he came two weeks early.

It seems Scaramucci didn’t seem the harm in going to the Boy Scout Jamboree. He didn’t think traveling to West Virginia for the Jamboree on July 24 would cause any problems, as his son wasn’t due for another two weeks, but his son arrived early. He said he wasn’t able to get a flight back to New York in time.

According to Us Magazine, in Scaramucci’s first interview since exiting the White House, he denies having an affair with Fox News personality Kimberly Guilfoyle.

Scaramucci was peeved over the news outlets reporting on a dinner that he attended with “Guilfoyle, 48, as well as President Donald Trump, first lady Melania Trump, Sean Hannity, former Fox News executive Bill Shine, Fox & Friends hosts Ainsley Earhardt and Brian Kilmeade, Kellyanne Conway and Vice President Mike Pence,” writes Us Magazine. With rumors already swirling regarding an alleged affair with Guilfoyle, he considered the news stories as “an attack.”

He has been good friends with Guilfoyle, but nothing more. A friend of Scaramucci confirmed this and joked that he is “way too short” for Kimberly. Scaramucci had been friends with writer Lizza for years. Their families had been friends and their father’s worked together. When Scaramucci called Lizza, what he said wasn’t for publication. Scaramucci got a rude awakening into the world of Washington politics where there’s not much that is said off the record when speaking with reporters. Scaramucci said he’s learned his lesson, but by that time, it was too late, as his dream job is now history.

When asked what he is planning to do next, he answered “go dark,” apparently meaning stepping out of the public’s peering eye. According to the Daily Beast, Scaramucci plans to “go dark” from public life then he plans to “reemerge as me.”

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