Duggar Family Puts Adoption Scandal To Rest With Video Of Kids On Facebook As Jinger And Joy-Anna Leave Home

The Duggars have been suffering from scandals for as long as they have been public figures. When their first reality show aired on TLC, they were criticized for having so many kids that it was impossible to take good care of them all. Michelle Duggar, the matriarch of the family, ended up having 19 kids from natural birth, but as their show was aptly named, she kept including more children into her brood.

Despite the fact that they already have 19 kids, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar felt it was their duty to bring in children that others could not rear into their family. While it was not always clear to the fans whether these kids were properly adopted or that Jim Bob and Michelle were merely foster parents with legal guardianship, the family kept growing.

While these adopted or fostered kids are not a part of 19 Kids and Counting and the spin-off show, Jill & Jessa Counting On, they have started to appear on family's Facebook page. Most recently, Tyler, a child of Michelle's sister, was featured in a video, having fun on the slides filled with water.

The fans quickly deduced that he was Michelle's nephew and that he was folded into the family when he needed to be placed with someone who can take care of him.

"They adopted him from a niece or something like that," Ashley Gibson Ingram wrote in the comment section. "She was having trouble taking care of him or needed someone to take him for some reason or another and they adopted him. They didn't put him on the counting on show for a little while to keep him out of the spotlight."

Check out Tyler in the video below!


With many of their daughters and sons getting married and leaving home, some space opened up at home that they can offer to other kids in need. Most recently, Jinger and Joy-Anna got married and moved out, all in the span of half a year, which means that Tyler is in no way overcrowding Duggar's home.

Check out Joy-Anna and Austin settling into their new home after their honeymoon.

Adoption was not the only scandal that the Duggars had to deal with over the years. The Arkansas-based Christian family had to figure out how to maintain their good public standing as their son, Josh Duggar, was outed for child molestation and extramarital affairs. They also hold some conservative views that some people are uncomfortable with, including, but not limited to, what girls can and cannot wear to preserve their modesty.

But the family does its best to make sure that their kids an excellent quality of life. They recently took their boys to an airshow to teach them about different machines and mechanics.


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[Featured Image by Duggar Family/Facebook]