Ramona Singer Reveals Her Younger Brother Has Died As She And Bethenny Frankel Make Amends On ‘RHONY’

Real Housewives of New York star Ramona Singer just shared the heartbreaking news that she recently lost her younger brother. While Singer was attending pal Jill Zarin’s Luxury Luncheon in Southampton, she exclusively revealed to Us Weekly that her brother passed away three weeks ago, offering no further details as to the cause of death.

The outspoken star told the news publication that she and her younger brother were not close at the time of his passing, but the reality star did share that her brother’s death helped bring her closer to her niece, whom she recently flew out to visit her for a week.

“I spoke to her and said that I was really sorry about her dad’s death, but if it wasn’t for his death, you wouldn’t have bonded with [my daughter] Avery and I. So we have this whole new relationship we never had,” Singer told Us Weekly.

Ramona also went on to say that her brother’s death helped her to patch up her relationship with frenemy Jill Zarin, whose husband, Bobby, is battling cancer.

“You see how blessed you are with your friends. It doesn’t matter how much money you have. It doesn’t matter how famous or beautiful you are. What really matters is your family and friends, and friends become family,” the Real Housewives star dished.

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This news comes on the heels of other big news in Singer’s life. In an exclusive clip released by People Magazine, Ramona admits to Bethenny Frankel that she is a “miserable person” and a “bad friend” as they tearfully make up at a pool in Mexico.

The whole altercation begins with Frankel telling Ramona that she is a bad friend after exposing her past role in an adult film. Bethenny tells Ramona that her real friends would never act like that.

The 60-year-old attempts to defend herself before she is finally brought to tears, confessing that she’s not only a bad friend but she’s also a “miserable person.” Singer then vows to never do anything to hurt one of her close friends again.

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The pair later embrace in the pool as Bethenny reminds Ramona that she needs to stop her toxic behavior, telling her that she doesn’t want Singer to be “that person.” Singer then asks Frankel if she thinks she’s a bad person.

“No, no. You’re not bad — you’re not an evil person, I don’t think you’re an evil person,” Frankel says.

All this comes after Bethenny and Ramona got in a huge fight over choosing rooms in the house at the beginning of the trip. Ramona and her BFF Sonja Morgan sneak away from the rest of the group when Bethenny realizes that something is going on.

When Bethenny comes to the conclusion that the pair snuck off to pick the “best room” in the house, she makes the executive decision to draw numbers for the rooms. Obviously, number one gets the first room pick and so on and so forth. Not surprisingly, Ramona and Sonja pick the last two numbers, and as viewers know, all drama then ensues.

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