Kailyn Lowry Claims She Is Scared Of Ex Javi Marroquin

Kailyn Lowry is preparing to give birth to her third child by her third baby daddy, and there has been non-stop drama surrounding the mom-to-be. Although Kail and her ex-husband, Javi Marroquin, seem to be on good terms now, it wasn’t always that way, especially right after the divorce. Teen Mom 2 viewers will recall that Kailyn Lowry got a protective order against Javi Marroquin and claimed she was terrified of him. Although that seems to have been thrown out since the pair have been photographed together and co-parenting their son, Lincoln, 3, there was a time when Kail claimed she was legitimately scared of her ex-husband.

In this week’s double dose of Teen Mom 2, Kail finally comes clean about being pregnant after her friend spilled the beans on her in the episode the week before. She has told her sons, who are somewhat excited, but they still don’t quite understand the implications of her decision. When Javi found out that Kailyn Lowry was pregnant, he was irate.

Javi, unfortunately, found out about his ex-wife expecting through a third party and spent much of the day ranting and raving to his friends about her carrying a baby so quickly after their split.

After Javi found out she was pregnant, he stormed over to her house and texted her, saying he wanted to know why he was the last to know she was carrying a baby. Kailyn Lowry then said she was terrified of him and locked all of her doors and sent the boys to bed so that Javi couldn’t get into the house. According to her logic, it was okay for him to know that she was pregnant, but she didn’t think it was his business who she was dating.

It was at that point she got a court order against Javi, which she said protected her against him showing up uninvited to the house she and the boys share.

She also admitted she was afraid to tell Javi about her pregnancy because she thought he was “unstable,” a diss Javi has decided not to respond to.

During Teen Mom 2, Javi tells Kail “a little birdie” told him about her pregnancy, but he has previously stated that Lincoln, 3, told him during a visit.

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