August 2, 2017
'GH' Spoilers: Finn Devastated By Revelations About Hayden, Jared's Return Ends Fayden

General Hospital (GH) spoilers tease that secrets from Hayden Barnes' (Rebecca Budig) past resurface to end her new, happy life with Finn (Michael Easton). Jared, her ex-husband, returns to blackmail her after Doctor Liesl Obrecht (Kathleen Gati) convinces him to make Hayden pay for actions that sent him to prison.

Obrecht found out about Jared while investigating Hayden's past. She convinces Jared to seek revenge against Hayden.

Jared returns to Hayden's life and threatens her relationship with Finn. She was living a happy and secure life with Finn until Jared returned. Hayden is engaged to Finn and expecting a baby. They also have a new house. But Jared is angry that Hayden found a new and better life while he went to prison. He visits Hayden in her new home and lets her know it is payback time.

Jared blackmails Hayden with a secret from her past. Hayden once drove under the influence of alcohol and hit a young girl, leaving her permanently crippled, according to Celeb Dirty Laundry. He threatens that if Hayden does not pay up, he would tell Finn about it.

Hayden has lived with a heavy burden of shame and guilt about the incident for years and she simply can't bear the thought of Finn learning about the tragic incident from her past. She is convinced that information about the accident and her past history of alcohol abuse will make Finn have a low opinion of her. She believes that the truth about her past will end her relationship with Finn.

She decides to hide Jared's blackmail plot from Finn, and find a way to get her ex-husband to stay quiet.

It does not occur to Hayden that she might be able to frustrate Jared's blackmail plan by revealing the truth to Finn. It is possible that Finn will understand and appreciate that Hayden has overcome her alcohol abuse issues and that she is now a different person. Instead, Hayden decides to keep the matter a secret and to succumb to Jared's blackmail.

General Hospital (GH) spoilers for the week of August 7 state that Hayden seeks advice from Liz (Rebecca Herbst), although she refrains from revealing Jared's blackmail. And despite reasonable advice from Liz, Hayden decides to go ahead and pay off Jared. She resorts to less than honest means to find the cash to pay him off. However, the situation quickly spins out of control as Jared continues to put the squeeze on her. And because she insists on keeping the matter a secret, she has no one to turn to for help.
Meanwhile, Finn senses there is something wrong with Hayden. He can sense trouble brewing in her life. He asks her what is wrong but she refuses to admit that she is being blackmailed by Jared. Finn's colleague, Griffin (Matt Cohen), notices that he has been looking worried and distracted lately. Finn finally confesses to Griffin that he is worried about Hayden and fears that he might lose her. Finn, who lost his previous wife, realizes that something is going on in Hayden's life that he knows nothing about.

General Hospital spoilers hint that by the time Finn discovers the truth about Jared's blackmail plot, their relationship would have been damaged beyond repair.

According to ABC Soaps In-depth, Rebecca Budig, who portrays Hayden, is leaving General Hospital. She will soon be written out of the soap. The details of the plot that lead to her departure from GH will be revealed as the story unfolds.

Will pregnant Hayden finally run to the police or will she simply pack her things and leave Port Charles to escape Jared?

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