Jinger Duggar’s Husband Jeremy Vuolo Throws Shade At Contemporary Christian Churches In Latest Sermon

Jinger Duggar’s husband, the ex-soccer player and preacher, Jeremy Vuolo, is one of the most unique in-laws of the reality TV family. Coming from a background in professional sports, Jeremy is a bit more worldly than the other members of the Duggars’ extended family. Despite this, however, Jinger’s husband has proven to be quite the conservative Christian himself, as revealed by his recent sermons in the Grace Community Church in Laredo, TX, where he currently serves as a preacher.

Just like the past few weeks, Jeremy’s latest sermon was shared on the official Facebook page of the Grace Community Church, and while the Counting On star’s latest message was a lot more restrained this time around, Jeremy was still unable to avoid throwing shade at other religious congregations. This week, Jeremy’s point of interest is the contemporary Christian movement, which is known for its modern approach to worship music and other religious activities.

Among the most notable aspects of contemporary Christian churches are the modern music, the tendency to add flair to the services and the almost fun atmosphere. As stated in a Huffington Post article, contemporary churches have become hugely popular among Christians in the United States as an ideal alternative for those who are looking for a spiritual destination that is active, fun, modern, and open-minded.

According to Jeremy’s latest message, however, these denominations are not serving the true God. Here is an excerpt from the reality TV star’s latest livestreamed sermon.

“Who is this God? I’ll tell you who this God isn’t? He isn’t the fluffy, fun God of ‘fun’ church. The fun church God. The ‘Come on and have a good time at church God.’ That’s not who this God is. He’s not the light, fluffy, smoke machines, you know, the altar God, whom we have to make attractive with our beautiful ideas of how to make people come to church. That’s not who this God is.”

Contemporary churches are among the strongest forces in the international Christian community. Known for their full-band worship style and their open utilization of technology to add character to their gatherings, contemporary Christian congregations have attracted the ire of conservative groups and denominations for years. If Jeremy’s latest livestreamed sermon is any indication, it appears that the ex-soccer player is part of the group that is critical of contemporary churches.

Jeremy’s sermons over the past few weeks have been quite controversial for many Duggar fans and social media followers alike. Just last month, the athlete-turned-preacher and reality TV star utilized his pulpit as a means to attack the Catholic Church and a former pastor who aired his support for gay marriages. Last week, Jeremy made waves once more, after he stated that leaders, even controversial ones like Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un, are given divine authority by God.

Jeremy Vuolo and his wife, Jinger Duggar, are featured in the 19 Kids and Counting spinoff series, Counting On, which is expected to return for its latest season on TLC this coming September.

Watch Jeremy’s sermon here.

[Featured Image by Jinger Vuolo/Instagram]