Angelina Jolie Urged To ‘Take Time Out’ By Brad Pitt? ‘Vanity Fair’ Talk Seen As Cry For Help?

Ever since Angelina Jolie shocked the world by announcing she was filing for divorce from Hollywood heartthrob and her partner of 12 years, Brad Pitt, the actress has appeared to struggle with her new reality. Although Brad was the target of an FBI investigation due to allegations of abuse — for which he was cleared — and for substance abuse problems, it appears that Pitt is pulling through the divorce and custody battle with more ease than Jolie.

Angelina has given sit-down interviews with the BBC and Good Morning America, during which she became emotional over the wedge that’s been driven into her family while strongly insisting that despite the current challenge, they will always be a family.

Recently, Jolie has been in the spotlight for her quickly-fading frame, rumored to be due to stress and for her latest interview with Vanity Fair, during which Angelina spoke of her children and an audition process used in her latest film, which all drew criticism.

The interview with VF revealed more details about how stress has affected the star since troubles with Pitt began. Jolie shared that she suffers from Bell’s palsy, which she has treated successfully with acupuncture. She also opened up about the sadness that has come along with the split from Pitt, whom she first became involved with while filming Mr. & Mrs. Smith back in 2005.

Yahoo Entertainment claims that Brad has reportedly realized that Angelina’s recent interview was a bit of a cry for help. The Allied star is allegedly attempting to encourage the UN special envoy to seek therapy for her stress and anxiety over her new situation.

The publication relays words of a source who spoke to NW Magazine about Jolie and Pitt’s recent interaction.

“Brad sat Ange down during one of their kid drop-offs and discussed how she needs time out. He knew he’d get his head bitten off, but he suggested rehab might be the only solution. Ange was annoyed at first, but he talked her around when he emphasised how important it is for her to be healthy for the kids… or risk losing them.”

The 42-year-old noted during her latest interview that she has all but retreated from the Hollywood spotlight, aside from her recent film First They Killed My Father, for the purpose of focusing on adjusting to her life as a single mother.

Jolie admitted that she questions herself daily about how she is doing as a mother during this difficult time, stating, “As I go to sleep at night, I think, ‘Did I do a great job as a mom or was that an average day?'”

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