Decomposed Body Found In Compartment On Coast Guard Boat Is Missing Massachusetts Man

The body of a Massachusetts man who went missing last year was discovered on board a Coast Guard boat that was decommissioned but on display for the public. The retired Coast Guard vessel is on dry land in Chatham, Massachusetts, and the body, which is believed to have been there since last year, was discovered on Sunday night during an inspection.

The police in Chatham got a call from the Coast Guard on Sunday night to say they found a decomposed body in one of the compartments on board the boat. The body was identified as Matt Amsler, a 24-year-old husband, and father who had gone missing back in October of 2016, according to CBS News.

Amsler’s family reported him missing last year after he suffered a bad reaction to medication he was prescribed for schizophrenia. Matthew was reported missing on October 27, after he left home for work, but never arrived at his place of employment. A search for Amsler turned up nothing, and he seemingly vanished into thin air.

It was during an inspection of the lifeboat that his body was discovered. He was shut into an airtight compartment on the boat, according to Authorities do not believe that Amsler was a victim of foul play.

Authorities believe Amsler might have crawled into the compartment when seeking shelter from a storm. He may have fallen asleep and suffocated from the lack of air inside the compartment.

The 44-foot lifeboat was retired back in 2009 and put on the lawn of the Chatham Coast Guard Station for the public to view. According to CBS News, the boat was in service for 46 years before the Coast Guard retired the vessel eight years ago.

Amsler leaves a wife and a 2-year-old daughter. A GoFundMe page had been started for Amsler’s family when he first went missing. On Monday the page was updated with the news that Amsler’s body had been found. The page said as follows.

“It saddens me to share that today we found Matthew. He was located this morning in Chatham. He had crawled into an airtight space on a boat for shelter from a recent storm, and fell peacefully asleep and ran out of oxygen. This, of course, was not the ending we wished or hoped for.”

According to NECN, Amsler was last seen in the vicinity of Lighthouse Beach. Amsler’s neighbor, who had joined in on the search for the missing man back in October, said that at the time he went missing, “Nobody had any idea what actually had happened” to Amsler. He said it was “a terribly sad thing.”

While it doesn’t look as if Amsler met with any foul play, the investigation into his death is still ongoing.

[Featured Image by Russ Hamilton/Shutterstock]